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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-02The Hydrodeoxygenation of 2-Methoxyphenol over Ni/Kieselguhr Catalysts as a Model Reaction for Bio-oil Upgrading서영웅
2013-05Hydrodynamic effects on bacterial biofilm development in a microfluidic environment오재응
2014-07Hydrodynamic Effects on Spectroscopic Water Detection in Gasoline Pipe Flow이창식
2014-07Hydrodynamic Effects on Spectroscopic Water Detection in Gasoline Pipe Flow이창식
2011-03Hydrodynamics of RN AdS(4) black hole and holographic optics신상진
2016-11Hydroelastic response analysis of pneumatically supported floating structures using a BEM-FEM coupling method이종세
2011-08Hydrogel-based biomimetic environment for in vitro modulation of branching morphogenesis이근용
2014-12Hydrogen Absorption and Structural Analysis of TiZrNiV Quasicrystals김재용
2015-05Hydrogen Bistability as the Origin of Photo-Bias-Thermal Instabilities in Amorphous Oxide Semiconductors정재경
2011-06Hydrogen Dissolution in the TiO(2)-SiO(2)-FeO and TiO(2)-SiO(2)-MnO Based Welding-Type Fluxes이창희
2014-02Hydrogen lithography for nanomagnetic domain on Co-doped ZnO using an anodic aluminum oxide template (vol 104, 052405, 2014)이영백
2011-03Hydrogen production from sulfate- and ferrous-enriched wastewater전병훈
2016-03Hydrogen production in microbial reverse-electrodialysis electrolysis cells using a substrate without buffer solution박주양
2016-04Hydrogen rich water revealed benefits in controlling the physical and mechanical performances of cement mortar조병완
2014-10Hydrogen sensing properties of multiple networked Nb2O5/ZnO core-shell nanorod sensors김현우
2014-05Hydrogen Silsequioxane-Derived Si/SiOx Nanospheres for High-Capacity Lithium Storage Materials김한수
2018-02Hydrogen Silsesquioxane으로부터 제조된 고용량 리튬 저장 소재용 Si/SiOx 나노복합체의 리튬 저장 특성박은준
2014-08Hydrogen storage in Li dispersed graphene with Stone-Wales defects: A first-principles study정용재
2013-12Hydrogen treated, cap-opened Si nanotubes array anode for high power lithium ion battery백운규
2014-12Hydrogen-induced hardening and softening of Ni-Nb-Zr amorphous alloys: Dependence on the Zr content장재일