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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-05Application of Fluorescence Melting Curve Analysis for Dual DNA Detection Using Single Peptide Nucleic Acid Probe황승용
2015-09Application of fuzzy analytic hierarchy process to select the optimal heating facility for Korean horticulture and stockbreeding sectors김진수
2015-02Application of multisection packing concept to sorption-enhanced steam methane reforming reaction for high-purity hydrogen production문성용
2015-06Application of multistage homotopy perturbation method to the nonlinear space truss model김재준
2015-07Application of path-percolation theory and Lattice-Boltzmann method to investigate structure-property relationships in porous media엄석기
2015-11Application of SPE followed by large-volume injection GC/MS for the analysis of geosmin and 2-methylisoborneol in water상병인
2015-03An application of the learning curve-cumulative summation test to evaluate training for endotracheal intubation in emergency medicine강형구
2015-04An application of the learning curve-cumulative summation test to evaluate training for endotracheal intubation in emergency medicine임태호
2015-06An Approach to Translate Korea Building Act into Computer-readable Form for Automated Design Assessment이진국
2015-08Appropriate Allocation of Judicial Resources for the Better Provision of Judicial Services - PROPOSED IN 2015 TO CHANGE KOREAN REVIEW APPEAL SYSTEM -한충수
2015-10An appropriate analysis for optimum design of wet fins based on modified 1-D and 2-D approaches이관수
2015-06Appropriate background noise level regarding speech privacy and annoyance in a train cabin전진용
2015-10An Appropriate Cutoff Value for Determining the Colonization of Helicobacter pylori by the Pyrosequencing Method: Comparison with Conventional Methods김정목
2015-10Approximate fuzzy double derivations and fuzzy Lie *-double derivations박춘길
2015-07Approximate fuzzy ternary homomorphisms and fuzzy ternary derivations on fuzzy ternary Banach algebras박춘길
2015-03Approximate ternary quadratic derivation on ternary Banach algebras and C*-ternary rings: revisited박춘길
2015-10Approximation on the reciprocal functional equation in several variables in matrix non-Archimedean random normed spaces박춘길
2015-05Aqueous phase reforming of ethylene glycol on Pt/CeO2-ZrO2: effects of cerium to zirconium molar ratio서영웅
2015-10ARAP 형상변형기법 기반 폴리곤 메시 팬텀 자세 변형 기술 개발김찬형