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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-06Application of acid mine drainage for coagulation/flocculation of microalgal biomassKabra Akhil Nandkishor
2014-09Biodegradation of bisphenol A by the freshwater microalgae Chlamydomonas mexicana and Chlorella vulgarisKabra Akhil Nandkishor
2012-09Biodegradation of Rubine GFL by Galactomyces geotrichum MTCC 1360 and subsequent toxicological analysis by using cytotoxicity, genotoxicity and oxidative stress studiesKabra Akhil Nandkishor
2014-06Cultivation of a new microalga, Micractinium reisseri, in municipal wastewater for nutrient removal, biomass, lipid, and fatty acid productionKabra Akhil Nandkishor
2013-09Cultivation of microalgae species in tertiary municipal wastewater supplemented with CO2 for nutrient removal and biomass productionKabra Akhil Nandkishor
2014-08Decolorization and degradation of xenobiotic azo dye Reactive Yellow-84A and textile effluent by Galactomyces geotrichumKabra Akhil Nandkishor
2013-10Degradation of a xenobiotic textile dye, Disperse Brown 118, by Brevibacillus laterosporusKabra Akhil Nandkishor
2012-02Degradation of Remazol Red dye by Galactomyces geotrichum MTCC 1360 leading to increased iron uptake in Sorghum vulgare and Phaseolus mungo from soilKabra Akhil Nandkishor
2013-03Development of a bioreactor for remediation of textile effluent and dye mixture: A plant-bacterial synergistic strategyKabra Akhil Nandkishor
2014-01Development of a low-cost, phyto-tunnel system using Portulaca grandiflora and its application for the treatment of dye-containing wastewatersKabra Akhil Nandkishor
2011-06Differential fate of metabolism of a sulfonated azo dye Remazol Orange 3R by plants Aster amellus Linn., Glandularia pulchella (Sweet) Tronc. and their consortiumKabra Akhil Nandkishor
2014-04Effect of mine wastewater on nutrient removal and lipid production by a green microalga Micratinium reisseri from concentrated municipal wastewaterKabra Akhil Nandkishor
2014-09Enhancement of microalgae growth and fatty acid content under the influence of phytohormonesKabra Akhil Nandkishor
2014-11Influence of CO2 and light spectra on the enhancement of microalgal growth and lipid contentKabra Akhil Nandkishor
2014-08Isolation of Novel Microalgae from Acid Mine Drainage and Its Potential Application for Biodiesel ProductionKabra Akhil Nandkishor
2014-11Photoheterotrophic microalgal hydrogen production using acetate- and butyrate-rich wastewater effluentKabra Akhil Nandkishor
2011-09Phytoremediation of a sulphonated azo dye Green HE4B by Glandularia pulchella (Sweet) Tronc. (Moss Verbena)Kabra Akhil Nandkishor
2012-04Phytoremediation of textile effluent and mixture of structurally different dyes by Glandularia pulchella (Sweet) Tronc.Kabra Akhil Nandkishor
2011-06Phytoremediation potential of Portulaca grandiflora Hook. (Moss-Rose) in degrading a sulfonated diazo reactive dye Navy Blue HE2R (Reactive Blue 172)Kabra Akhil Nandkishor
2011-02The role of Aster amellus Linn. in the degradation of a sulfonated azo dye Remazol Red: A phytoremediation strategyKabra Akhil Nandkishor
2013-09Synergistic degradation of diazo dye Direct Red 5B by Portulaca grandiflora and Pseudomonas putidaKabra Akhil Nandkishor
2014-11Toxicity of atrazine and its bioaccumulation and biodegradation in a green microalga, Chlamydomonas mexicanaKabra Akhil Nandkishor
2013-03Treatment of dye containing wastewaters by a developed lab scale phytoreactor and enhancement of its efficacy by bacterial augmentationKabra Akhil Nandkishor