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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-051970년대 농촌주택표준설계도의 유형과 특성에 관한 연구한동수
2015-07Advanced adenoma detection rate is correlate more with adenoma per colonoscopy than adenoma detection rate한동수
2015-07Change in clinical features of Korean Crohn's Disease patients following the introduction of an anti-TNF-alpha agent: Results from the CONNECT study한동수
2015-03Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy-like neuropathy as an initial presentation of Crohn's disease한동수
2015-03The clinical characteristics of patients with free perforation in Korean Crohn's disease: results from the CONNECT study한동수
2015-12Clinical Factors and Disease Course Related to Diagnostic Delay in Korean Crohn's Disease Patients: Results from the CONNECT Study한동수
2015-07Clinical Predictors at Diagnosis for Disabling Crohn's Disease in Korea : Results from the CONNECT Study한동수
2016-01Crohn's disease prognosis and early immunomodulator therapy: Results from the CONNECT study한동수
2015-07Cytokine Expression of Microscopic Colitis Including Interleukin-17한동수
2015-05Diagnostic Coding for Intramucosal Carcinoma and Neuroendocrine Tumor in the Colorectum: Proposal for Avoiding Confusing Coding in Korea한동수
2015-03Does Lymphocytic Colitis Always Present with Normal Endoscopic Findings?한동수
2015-09Does the Cyclosporine Still Have a Potential Role in the Treatment of Acute Severe Steroid-Refractory Ulcerative Colitis?한동수
2016-02Does the intestinal microbial community of Korean Crohn's disease patients differ from that of western patients?한동수
2015-07The effects of azathioprine/6-mercaptopurine and TNF-alpha antagonist on surgery in Korean patients with Crohn's disease from the CONNECT cohort한동수
2015-07The Effects of Change in the Intestinal Microbiota Through Antibiotics Administration on the Manifestion of DSS Colitis한동수
2015-07Inflammatory Bowel Disease Cohort Studies in Korea: Present and Future.한동수
2015-03Long-term Clinical Outcomes of Urban Versus Rural Environment in Korean Patients with Crohn's Disease: Results from the CONNECT Study한동수
2015-07Melatonin treatment modulates intestinal microbiota on DSS colitis한동수
2015-07Predictors of Urgent Findings on Abdominopelvic CT in Patients with Crohn's Disease Presenting to the Emergency Department한동수
2015-11Prevalence of Gastric Subepithelial Tumors in Korea: A Single Center Experience.한동수
2015-08Topography Restoration of Historic City Research한동수
2015-08일제강점기 길장지구 한인 관련 건축활동과 시설에 관한 연구: 만선일보의 기사를 중심으로한동수
2015-05조선시대 유서 재물보에 수록된 궁실부분 어휘에 대한 고찰한동수
2016-03중국 절강성 영파 천녕사탑의 당대 특징에 관한 시론한동수
2015-05한국민족문화대백과사전 건축도판 수정 방안 검토한동수
2015-05함안 무기연당 내 하환정의 건축 특성한동수