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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-09Acoustic emission characteristics of methacrylate-based composite and silorane-based composite during dental restoration according to a variety of C-factor최낙삼
2015-01AE analysis of delamination crack propagation in carbon fiber-reinforced polymer materials최낙삼
2007-06Analysis of fracture process in single-edge-notched laminated composites based on the high amplitude acoustic events최낙삼
2007-04Analysis of Longitudinal Strains of Cross-ply Composite Laminates using A-EFPI Optical Fiber Sensor최낙삼
2019-01Bending strength of CFRP laminated adhesive joints fabricated by vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding최낙삼
2008-05Characterization of the fracture process of notched glass fiber/aluminum hybrid laminates by acoustic emission최낙삼
2009-10Cross-Link Density Measurement and Thermal Oxidative Degradation Analysis of a Carbon Black Compounded EPDM Rubber Hose최낙삼
2019-10Cyclic elastic modulus and low cycle fatigue life of woven-type GFRP coated aluminum plates최낙삼
2007-04Development of a precision indentation and scratching system with a tool force and displacement control module최낙삼
2016-11Dynamic stress analysis of the specimen gauge portion with a circular profile for the ultrasonic fatigue test최낙삼
2017-02Effect of Compaction Treatment on Laminated CFRP Composites Fabricated by Vacuum-Assisted Resin-Transfer Molding최낙삼
2007-02Effects of fiber orientation on the acoustic emission and fracture characteristics of composite laminates최낙삼
2015-11Effects of thermal shock fatigue on short glass fiber-reinforced PBT composites embedded by thermally conductive particles최낙삼
2018-02Electrochemical degradation tests on a carbon-black-filled ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber under tensile strain최낙삼
2017-02Equivalent Young's modulus of composite resin for simulation of stress during dental restoration최낙삼
2003-01Investigation on surface treatments of CFRP and aluminum to improve fracture toughness of adhesively-bonded CFRP-aluminum joints최낙삼
2005-06Kaiser effects in acoustic emission from composites during thermal cyclic-loading최낙삼
2009-04KTX 실드너클의 S-N선도 추정최낙삼
2017-09Mechanical property behavior and aging mechanism of carbon-black-filled EPDM rubber reinforced by carbon nano-tubes subjected to electro-chemical and thermal degradation최낙삼
2015-02Methacrylate 기질 복합레진과 Silorane 기질 복합레진의 치아 수복 시중합수축응력거동최낙삼
2008-07Micro-damage formation of rubber hose assembly for automotive hydraulic brake under durability test최낙삼
2007-06Preparation and Characterization of Rubber-Toughened Poly(trimethylene terephthalate)/Organoclay Nanocomposite최낙삼
2007-12Toughness and fracture mechanisms of glass fiber/aluminum hybrid laminates under tensile loading최낙삼
2008-11가속수명시험을 위한 KTX구조물의 S-N선도 추정최낙삼
2007-06경량화 알루미늄-GFRP 혼성사각관 보의 굽힘성능 및 붕괴 메커니즘최낙삼
2005-02굽힘하중을 받는 하니컴 샌드위치 복합재료의 변형 및 파괴 해석최낙삼
2007-10단일섬유 복합재료의 계면 전단강도를 평가하기 위한 새로운 반구형 미소접합시험최낙삼
2015-11동적 유한요소해석을 이용한 모래시계형 초음파 피로시험편의 응력계산식 보정최낙삼
2019-04디지털 이미지 상관법을 이용한 A16061-T6 시편의 노치효과 관찰최낙삼
2017-04디지털 이미지 상관법을 이용한 치과용 복합레진의 수복 시 중합수축분포 관찰최낙삼