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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-10Accurate FDTD Dispersive Modeling for Concrete Materials정경영
2015-07Accurate FDTD modelling for dispersive media using rational function and particle swarm optimisation정경영
2016-10Analysis of magnetic photonic crystals using complex envelope ADI-FDTD method정경영
2011-04Application of the Modal CFS-PML-FDTD to the Analysis of Magnetic Photonic Crystal Waveguides정경영
2014-08Broadband Finite-Difference Time-Domain Modeling of Plasmonic Organic Photovoltaics정경영
2012-12Capacitance of coplanar waveguides in multilayer dielectric substrates정경영
2013-11Complex rational function for frequency dependent complex permittivity of biological tissues정경영
2014-03CPU 클러스터 구축 및 3차원 공간분할 병렬 FDTD 알고리즘 구현정경영
2012-12Design of a metamaterial-inspired size-reduced wideband loop antenna with frequency scanning characteristic정경영
2012-05Directional emission from a slit surrounded by grooves in a conducting plane정경영
2013-05Directional Emission from a Slit Surrounded by Rectangular Grooves on the Exit Surface in a Conducting Plane정경영
2012-12Dual-band PIFA using resonated loop feed structure정경영
2012-07Electromagnetic transmission through a slit surrounded with grooves in a conducting plane정경영
2013-07Enhanced and directional transmission through a slit surrounded with grooves in a conducting plane정경영
2014-02Enhanced electromagnetic transmission through a slit surrounded by rectangular grooves정경영
2013-09Enhanced Transmission Through a Circular Aperture Surrounded by Concentric Surface Corrugations in a Conducting Plane정경영
2015-09Enhancement of Device Performances in GaN-Based Light-Emitting Diodes Using Nano-Sized Surface Pit정경영
2013-08Enhancement of the light extraction of GaN-based green light emitting diodes via nanohybrid structures정경영
2014-02Extraordinary electromagnetic transmission through a circular aperture surrounded by surface corrugations정경영
2013-02FDTD Dispersive Modeling of Human Tissues Based on Quadratic Complex Rational Function정경영
2015-09FDTD Dispersive Modeling With High-Order Rational Constitutive Parameters정경영
2013-07FDTD 방법을 이용한 간단한 건물 구조의 광대역 차폐 효과에 관한 연구정경영
2015-09Flexible flux plane simulations of parasitic absorption in nanoplasmonic thin-film silicon solar cells정경영
2016-07Hybrid dielectric light trapping designs for thin-film CdZnTe/Si tandem cells정경영
2016-09“Voce si amara,” 몬테베르디의 소음:《포페아의 대관》(L’incoronatione di Poppea, 1642)의 1막 3장을 중심으로정경영
2011-03Loop-type ground antenna using resonated loop feeding, intended for mobile devices정경영
2015-06‘Oracollo della Musica,’ 혹은 몬테베르디의 음악적 근대성 : 몬테베르디, 베르트, 마렌치오의 《Cruda Amarilli》 를 중심으로정경영
2013-06Miniaturization of Dual-Band PIFA for Wireless LAN Communication정경영
2012-12Miniaturized Antenna with High Radiation Efficiency Using Ground and Chip Capacitors정경영
2015-10Mode Matching Analysis of Via-Plate Capacitance in Multilayer Structures With Finite Plate Thickness정경영