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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-042면 밸란싱 기법을 이용한 드럼 세탁기 불평형 질량 예측장건희
2012-09Analysis of PDT noise originating from driving method of a HDD spindle motor장건희
2011-06Analysis of PDT Noise Originating from Driving Method of a HDD Spindle Motor장건희
2012-06Analysis of the oil-injection process in Fluid Dynamic Bearings of the spincle Motor of Computer Hard Disk Drives장건희
2011-07Axial Shock-Induced Motion of the Air-Oil Interface of Fluid Dynamic Bearings of a Non-Operating Hard Disk Drive장건희
2012-09Back EMF Design of an AFPM Motor using PCB Winding by Quasi 3D Space Harmonic Analysis Method장건희
2012-06Behavior Analysis of Air Bubble in Oil Lubricant of FDBs at Low Speed Operating Condition장건희
2014-08Behavior of a micron-sized air bubble in operating FDBs using the discrete phase modeling method장건희
2015-06Behavior of air-oil interface in the FDBs with double sealing structure in a 2.5 HDD장건희
2012-09Behavior of fluid lubricant and air-oil interface of operating FDBs due to operating condition and seal design장건희
2011-06Behavior of Fluid Lubricant and Air-Oil Interface of Operating FDBs Due to Operating Condition and Seal Design장건희
2013-06Behavior of Micron-sized Air Bubble in Operating FDBs by Using the Discrete Phase Modeling Method장건희
2014-11Capsule-Type Magnetic Microrobot Actuated by an External Magnetic Field for Selective Drug Delivery in Human Blood Vessels장건희
2012-11Characterization and Experimental Verification of the Axial Unbalanced Magnetic Force in Brushless DC Motors장건희
2014-11Closed-Loop Control of a Self-Positioning and Rolling Magnetic Microrobot on 3D Thin Surfaces Using Biplane Imaging장건희
2011-07Cogging Torque of Brushless DC Motors Due to the Interaction Between the Uneven Magnetization of a Permanent Magnet and Teeth Curvature장건희
2015-03Control of a three-dimensional magnetic force generated from a magnetic navigation system to precisely manipulate the locomotion of a magnetic microrobot장건희
2015-01A crawling and drilling microrobot driven by an external oscillating or precessional magnetic field in tubular enviroments장건희
2014-03Crawling microrobot actuated by a magnetic navigation system in tubular environments장건희
2011-07Design Optimization of FDBs to Minimize Friction Torque장건희
2013-06Design Optimization of the Magnetizer for a HDD Spindle Motor to Reduce the Cogging torque장건희
2015-05Detection of static and dynamic eccentricities in a permanent magnet motor by monitoring BEMF장건희
2012-09Development and optimal design of a HDD spindle motor with pulling magnet to reduce electrical loss장건희
2014-11Development of a Crawling Microrobot With High Steering Capability and High Stability to Navigate Through a Sharply Bent Tubular Environment장건희
2012-02Development of a highly efficient brushless dc motor utilizing both radial and axial air gaps장건희
2014-08Development of a linear vibration motor with fast response time for mobile phones장건희
2013-06Development of a Linear Vibration Motor with Fast Response Time for Mobile Phones장건희
2011-04Development of a New Magnetizing Fixture for the Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motors to Reduce the Cogging torque장건희
2011-10Development of a New Magnetizing Fixture for the Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motors to Reduce the Cogging Torque장건희
2014-11Drug-Enhanced Unclogging Motions of a Double Helical Magnetic Micromachine for Occlusive Vascular Diseases장건희