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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-04Application of proteomics in asthma research임태연
2011-11Combined delivery of dexamethasone and plasmid DNA in an animal model of LPS-induced acute lung injury임태연
2017-01Combined delivery of temozolomide and the thymidine kinase gene for treatment of glioblastoma임태연
2014-11Conditioned medium of adipose-derived stromal cell culture in three-dimensional bioreactors for enhanced wound healing.임태연
2012-04CpG methylation at GATA elements in the regulatory region of CCR3 positively correlates with CCR3 transcription임태연
2016-09Delivery of Hypoxia-Inducible Heme Oxygenase-1 Gene for Site-Specific Gene Therapy in the Ischemic Stroke Animal Model임태연
2012-09Dexamethasone conjugation to polyamidoamine dendrimers G1 and G2 for enhanced transfection efficiency with an anti-inflammatory effect임태연
2013-10Dexamethasone-conjugated polyethylenimine/MIF siRNA complex regulation of particulate matter-induced airway inflammation임태연
2013-10Drug Delivery Systems for the Treatment of Ischemic Stroke임태연
2012-11Effect of nano-structured polymer surfaces on the phenotype control of preosteoblasts임태연
2012-01Effect of Retinoic Acid on Epithelial Differentiation and Mucin Expression in Primary Human Corneal Limbal Epithelial Cells임태연
2016-07Exosome and Polymersome for Potential Theranostic Applications임태연
2012-06Fluorescently Labeled Nanoparticles Enable the Detection of Stem Cell-Derived Hepatocytes임태연
2013-11Hypoxia as a target for tissue specific gene therapy임태연
2011-03Identification and Validation of SAA as a Potential Lung Cancer Biomarker and its Involvement in Metastatic Pathogenesis of Lung Cancer임태연
2016-05Long-Term Effects of Diesel Exhaust Particles on Airway Inflammation and Remodeling in a Mouse Model임태연
2017-11A new combination therapy for asthma using dual-function dexamethasone-conjugated polyethylenimine and vitamin D binding protein siRNA임태연
2013-01Preparation and characterization of nonaarginine-modified chitosan nanoparticles for siRNA delivery임태연
2012-11Preparation of Biomimetic Hydrogels with Controlled Cell Adhesive Properties and Topographical Features for the Study of Muscle Cell Adhesion and Proliferation임태연
2011-12Preparation of budesonide-loaded porous PLGA microparticles and their therapeutic efficacy in a murine asthma model임태연
2013-08Protective effects of protein transduction domain-metallothionein fusion proteins against hypoxia- and oxidative stress-induced apoptosis in an ischemia/reperfusion rat model임태연
2011-07Regulatory systems for hypoxia-inducible gene expression in ischemic heart disease gene therapy임태연
2011-09Relationship between Group-Specific Component Protein and the Development of Asthma임태연
2017-09The requirement of IRE1 and XBP1 in resolving physiological stress during Drosophila development임태연
2013-02Sequential delivery of TAT-HSP27 and VEGF using microsphere/hydrogel hybrid systems for therapeutic angiogenesis임태연
2011-04Skin regeneration with fibroblast growth factor 2 released from heparin-conjugated fibrin임태연
2015-11The spacer arm length in cell-penetrating peptides influences chitosan/siRNA nanoparticle delivery for pulmonary inflammation treatment임태연
2012-05T Cell-Specific siRNA Delivery Using Antibody-Conjugated Chitosan Nanoparticles임태연
2016-02Targeted delivery of growth factors in ischemic stroke animal models임태연
2016-02Theranostic gas-generating nanoparticles for targeted ultrasound imaging and treatment of neuroblastoma임태연