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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-113D맵 기반 연비 최적 주행 제어 알고리즘 개발이형철
2015-053D맵을 고려한 적응형 순항 제어 시스템의 연비 향상 알고리즘 연구이형철
2018-0148V 4륜 구동 하이브리드 시스템의 상위제어 알고리즘 설계 및 연비 분석이형철
2016-01Active Booming Noise Control for Hybrid Vehicles이형철
2016-05ADAS의 시험평가를 위한 FMCW 레이더의 시뮬레이션 시스템 구축이형철
2016-05ADAS의 실험 및 검증을 위한 통합 평가 시나리오 연구이형철
2015-10Advanced control strategy for electric power steering system to improve steering assist torque stability이형철
2011-05AHB (Active Hydraulic Booster) fail-management SiLS 개발이형철
2011-10Analysis of model-based sensor fault diagnosis with application to a motor-driven power steering system이형철
2013-10Battery System Modeling for a Military Electric Propulsion Vehicle with a Fault Simulation이형철
2012-06A control method to suppress the swing vibration of a hybrid excavator using sliding mode approach이형철
2016-02Current and Position Sensor Fault Detection and Isolation for Driving Motor of in-wheel Independent Drive Electric Vehicle이형철
2011-10Current Sensor Fault Detection and Isolation of the driving motor for an이형철
2011-05Design of an Airbag Deployment Algorithm Based on Precrash Information이형철
2016-05Design of Manually Reconfigurable Modular Manipulator with Three Revolute Joints and Links이형철
2014-12Design of safe joint with variable threshold torque이형철
2013-10Development of a Safe Manipulator using Spring-Clutches이형철
2011-09Development of A Tranfer-Case Control system for Rear Wheel Based 4WD Vehicles이형철
2012-10Development of Optimization Algorithm for Green Drive on Roads with Continuous Curves이형철
2016-01Electronic Wedge Brake 시스템의 클램핑력 추정 및 Failsafe 제어 알고리즘 설계에 관한 연구이형철
2015-10Estimating desired yaw rate and control strategy analysis on developed air ESC system for performance evaluation이형철
2015-07Fault Diagnosis Algorithm for Driving Motor of In-Wheel Independent Drive Electric Vehicle이형철
2011-10Fault-Tolerant Control Algorithm for a Four-Corner Closed-Loop Air Suspension System이형철
2011-05Height and Leveling Control of Automotive Air Suspension System Using Sliding Mode Approach이형철
2015-01HILS 시스템을 통한 IPMSM의 철손저항 추정이형철
2016-12Integrated Fault Diagnosis Algorithm for Motor Sensors of In-Wheel Independent Drive Electric Vehicles이형철
2014-05ISG 시스템 제어 알고리즘의 검증환경 구축에 관한 연구이형철
2015-11ISG 시스템의 테스트 벤치 기반 성능시험 환경 구축이형철
2017-01Joint configuration for physically safe human-robot interaction of serial-chain manipulators이형철