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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-01A 3D networked polydiacetylene sensor for enhanced sensitivity이해원
2015-09Bio-inspired Hierarchical Nanowebs for Green Catalysis이해원
2011-03Biophysical characterization of the molecular orientation of an antibody-immobilized layer using secondary ion mass spectrometry이해원
2017-01Chromogenic Tubular Polydiacetylenes from Topochemical Polymerization of Self-Assembled Macrocyclic Diacetylenes이해원
2015-01Contribution of Temperature to Deformation of Adsorbed Vesicles Studied by Nanoplasmonic Biosensing이해원; 이해원
2016-03Control over Neurite Directionality and Neurite Elongation on Anisotropic Micropillar Arrays이해원
2013-03Effects of ion beam-irradiated Si on atomic force microscope local oxidation이해원
2015-07Elucidating how bamboo salt interacts with supported lipid membranes: influence of alkalinity on membrane fluidity이해원
2012-01Energy transfer and dynamics studies of photoluminescence of polythiophene derivative in blend thin films이해원
2015-02Enhanced Acid Diffusion Control by Using Photoacid Generator Bound Polymer Resist이해원
2011-10Ethanol Sensor Development using Three-dimensional Single-walled Carbon Nanotube Network on Silicon Pillars이해원
2013-09Fabrication of Cobalt Magnetic Nanostructures Using Atomic Force Microscope Lithography이해원
2011-01Fabrication of trench nanostructures for extreme ultraviolet lithography masks by atomic force microscope lithography이해원
2012-04Fabrication of uniform and high resolution copper nanowire using intermediate self-assembled monolayers through direct AFM lithography이해원
2015-12Facile synthesis of porous CoAl-layered double hydroxide/graphene composite with enhanced capacitive performance for supercapacitors이해원
2015-09Gold Nanowire Bundles Grown Radially Outward from Silicon Micro pillars이해원
2013-02Growth, solvent effects, and thermal desorption behavior of octylthiocyanate self-assembled monolayers on Au(111)이해원
2012-03Hierarchical and Multifunctional Three-Dimensional Network of Carbon Nanotubes for Microfluidic Applications이해원
2012-04Hierarchical Gold Micro-nanostructures based on Three-dimensional Networks of Carbon Nanotubes Fabricated by Using Electrochemical Deposition이해원
2016-06High-performance hybrid supercapacitor with 3D hierarchical porous flower-like layered double hydroxide grown on nickel foam as binder-free electrode이해원
2015-07A Highly Sensitive and Reliable Strain Sensor Using a Hierarchical 3D and Ordered Network of Carbon Nanotubes이해원
2016-07A label-free electrochemical immunosensor for the detection of cardiac marker using graphene quantum dots (GQDs)이해원
2015-02Line Patterning using a Scanning Probe Lithography Technique based on Convolution Method이해원
2011-11Multitip atomic force microscope lithography system for high throughput nanopatterning이해원
2016-04Neuroprotective and antioxidant activities of bamboo salt soy sauce against H2O2-induced oxidative stress in rat cortical neurons이해원
2015-05Noble metal clusters protected with mixed proteins exhibit intense photoluminescence이해원
2012-05Novel 3D arrays of gold nanostructures on suspended platinum-coated carbon nanotubes as surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrates이해원
2017-01Novel synthesis of dual-suspended architectures between Si-pillars for enhanced photocatalytic performance이해원
2016-06Role of graphene on hierarchical flower-like NiAl layered double hydroxide-nickel foam-graphene as binder-free electrode for high-rate hybrid supercapacitor이해원
2013-04Single-Crystal Organic Nanowire Electronics by Direct Printing from Molecular Solutions이해원