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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-09Analysis of Chloride Diffusion in Cracked Concrete이한승
2008-09Analytical Study on Chloride Ion Permeation of Reinforced Concrete Repaired by Finishing Material이한승
2018-05CaCO3와 Al2O3를 이용한 CaO-Al2O3계 클링커 합성이한승
2018-10Carbonation-Induced Corrosion Initiation Probability of Rebars in Concrete With/Without Finishing Materials이한승
2018-04Chloride Ion Adsorption Capacity of Anion Exchange Resin in Cement Mortar이한승
2018-03Chloride-Binding Capacity of Portland Cement Paste Blended with Synthesized CA(2) (CaO center dot 2Al(2)O(3))이한승
2017-10Comparative Study of Strength and Corrosion Resistant Properties of Plain and Blended Cement Concrete Types이한승
2015-01Comparative Study on Corrosion Protection of Reinforcing Steel by Using Amino Alcohol and Lithium Nitrite Inhibitors이한승
2018-06Corrosion mitigation of steel rebars in chloride contaminated concrete pore solution using inhibitor: An electrochemical investigation이한승
2016-03Corrosion Resistance Properties of Aluminum Coating Applied by Arc Thermal Metal Spray in SAE J2334 Solution with Exposure Periods이한승
2015-05CO₂ 반응물질을 혼입한 시멘트계 재료의 탄산화 진행 및 압축강도 발현에 관한 실험적 연구이한승
2018-04Deposition of Coating to Protect Waste Water Reservoir in Acidic Solution by Arc Thermal Spray Process이한승
2018-12Development of water-repellent cement mortar using silane enriched with nanomaterials이한승
2018-01Durability performance of CNT and nanosilica admixed cement mortar이한승
2017-02Effect of LiNO2 inhibitor on corrosion characteristics of steel rebar in saturated Ca(OH)(2) solution containing NaCl: An electrochemical study이한승
2018-11Effect of Using Micropalm Oil Fuel Ash as Partial Replacement of Cement on the Properties of Cement Mortar이한승
2017-02An effective and novel pore sealing agent to enhance the corrosion resistance performance of Al coating in artificial ocean water이한승
2015-09The effects of high volume nano palm oil fuel ash on microstructure properties and hydration temperature of mortar이한승
2016-01Effects of Magnetite Aggregate and Steel Powder on Thermal Conductivity and Porosity in Concrete for Nuclear Power Plant이한승
2017-02An Electrochemical Study to Evaluate the Effect of Calcium Nitrite Inhibitor to Mitigate the Corrosion of Reinforcement in Sodium Chloride Contaminated Ca(OH)(2) Solution이한승
2018-11Engineering performance evaluation of mortar with EOS (electric arc furnace oxidizing slag) as fine aggregate이한승
2016-05Evaluation of Bonding Shear Performance of Ultra-High-Performance Concrete with Increase in Delay in Formation of Cold Joints이한승
2015-12Evaluation of CO2 emission-absorption of fly-ash-blended concrete structures using cement-hydration-based carbonation model이한승
2016-10Evaluation of compressive strength development and carbonation depth of high volume slag-blended concrete이한승
2016-04Evaluation of corrosion resistance properties of N, N '-Dimethyl ethanolamine corrosion inhibitor in saturated Ca(OH)(2) solution with different concentrations of chloride ions by electrochemical experiments이한승
2015-09Evaluation of effectiveness of methyl methacrylate as retarder additive in polymer concrete이한승
2016-03Evaluation of the Carbon Dioxide Uptake of Slag-Blended Concrete Structures, Considering the Effect of Carbonation이한승
2017-03Experimental research on development of heated form incorporating exothermic reaction powder to protect concrete in cold weather이한승
2017-10Experimental study on shear performance of plain construction joints integrated with ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC)이한승
2008-09Experimental Study on the Adhesion Properties of Zn-Al Metal Spray Method for Steel Structures이한승