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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-0713.2% efficiency Si nanowire/PEDOT:PSS hybrid solar cell using a transfer-imprinted Au mesh electrode이정호
2016-01Black metallurgical silicon for solar energy conversion이정호
2015-04Catalyst-free hydrogen evolution of Si photocathode by thermovoltage-driven solar water splitting이정호
2009-11Construction of Micro-Patterned Polymer Structures by Piezoelectric Inkjet Printing이정호
2015-07Current Approach in Surface Plasmons for Thin Film and Wire Array Solar Cell Applications이정호
2017-12Effects of surface nanostructuring and impurity doping on ultrafast carrier dynamics of silicon photovoltaic cells: a pump-probe study이정호
2017-12Enhancement of the Oxygen Evolution Using a 21-mu m-Thin c-Si Photoanode with a Nano-Pyramid Texture이정호
2009-10Fabrication of precisely controlled silicon wire and cone arrays by electrochemical etching이정호
2009-10Fabrication of Truncated Silicon Pyramid Arrays by Electrochemical Etching이정호
2016-09Improved photoelectrochemical hydrogen evolution using a defect-passivated Al2O3 thin film on p-Si이정호
2016-08Lanthanides-based graphene catalysts for high performance hydrogen evolution and oxygen reduction이정호
2009-02n-ZnO:Ga/i-ZnO/p-Si heterojunction light emitting diodes fabricated on patterned Si substrates이정호
2009-12A novel photovoltaic nanodevice based on the co-integration of silicon micro and nanowires prepared by electroless etching with conformal plasma doping이정호
2009-09A periodic array of silicon pillars fabricated by photoelectrochemical etching이정호
2017-10Photoelectrocatalytic sea water splitting using Kirkendall diffusion grown functional Co3O4 film이정호
2016-01Photoelectrochemical oxygen evolution improved by a thin Al2O3 interlayer in a NiOx/n-Si photoanode이정호
2017-10Planar n-Si/PEDOT: PSS hybrid heterojunction solar cells utilizing functionalized carbon nanoparticles synthesized via simple pyrolysis route이정호
2008-07Protein expression pattern of murine macrophages treated with anthrax lethal toxin이정호
2014-12Remediation of wastewater: Role of hydroxyl radicals이정호
2009-09Silicon nanowire array solar cell prepared by metal-induced electroless etching with a novel processing technology이정호
2015-06-15Silver Quantum Cluster (Ag-9)-Grafted Graphitic Carbon Nitride Nanosheets for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation and Dye Degradation이정호
2009-04Space charge limited current-voltage characteristics of organic semiconductor diode fabricated at various gravity conditions이정호
2009-10Successive nucleation and a rodlike growth of SiOx nanoparticles into the pore bottoms of an anodic alumina template이정호
2016-01Sulfur mediated graphitic carbon nitride/S-Se-graphene as a metal-free hybrid photocatalyst for pollutant degradation and water splitting이정호
2016-07Toward a planar black silicon technology for 50 mu m-thin crystalline silicon solar cells이정호
2017-03Ultrathin Al2O3 interface achieving an 11.46% efficiency in planar n-Si/PEDOT:PSS hybrid solar cells이정호
2018-08시뮬라크르 개념에 비추어 본 대안적 e-Learning 콘텐츠 개발 과정에 대한 연구이정호
2018-08유용식물유래 신소재 개발을 통한 사업화 방안이정호