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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-05Analysis for welding characteristics of dissimilar materials using delta spot welding이세헌
2017-11An ANFIS based approach for predicting the weld strength of resistance spot welding in artificial intelligence development이세헌
2013-05The arc phenomenon by the characteristic of EN ratio in AC pulse GMAW이세헌
2012-11Characteristics of Resistance Spot Welding for 1 GPa Grade Twin Induced Plasticity Steel이세헌
2018-12Compensation of Vertical Position Error Using a Force-Deflection Model in Friction Stir Spot Welding이세헌
2012-02Development of a Spot Weld Analysis Model That Incorporates Strain Rate이세헌
2016-03Effect of a Conically Shaped Hollow Electrode on Advanced High Strength Steel in Three-Sheet Resistance Spot Welding이세헌
2014-03Improvement of Weldability of 1 GPa Grade Twin-Induced Plasticity Steel이세헌
2011-11Laser welding of cast iron and carburized steel for differential gear이세헌
2013-02Optimization of arc-start performance by wire-feeding control for GMA welding이세헌
2018-12Porosity Characteristics and Effect on Tensile Shear Strength of High-Strength Galvanized Steel Sheets after the Gas Metal Arc Welding Process이세헌
2016-11Practical Design Guidelines for the Development of High-Precision Roll-to-Roll Slot-Die Coating Equipment and the Process이세헌
2014-07A study of the effects of drying and sintering on the performance of organic photovoltaic devices이세헌
2011-11A Study on Improving Drying Performance of Spinel Type LiMn2O4 as a Cathode Material for Lithium Ion Battery이세헌
2018-10A study on life evaluation & prediction of railway vehicle contactor based on accelerated life test data이세헌
2012-04Study on spatter reduction of resistance spot welding of SPRC440 using hemispherically concaved electrode이세헌
2016-10The weldability of dissimilar three-steel sheet using constant power control method for resistance spot welding이세헌
2011-12가공 전극 팁을 이용한 스테인레스 저항 용접 외판 변형 저감이세헌
2018-04딥러닝(Deep Learning)을 이용한 GMA 용접에서 이면비드 생성 유무 판단 알고리즘에 관한 연구이세헌
2018-12마찰교반용접에서 키홀 리필 기술 동향이세헌
2011-10스테인리스강 Spot 용접부의 산화방지에 관한 연구이세헌
2011-10자동차 B-pillar부품의 스폿용접 및 접착 혼용 용접부의 충돌특성 및 해석에 관한 연구이세헌
2017-12철도차량 접촉기의 신뢰성 분석 및 교환주기 결정에 대한 연구이세헌
2016-10커버 플레이트를 이용한 이종 3겹 저항 점 용접성 평가이세헌