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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-06Assembling pore-rich FeP nanorods on the CNT backbone as an advanced electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution이성철
2018-04Co3Se4 nanosheets embedded on N-CNT as an efficient electroactive material for hydrogen evolution and supercapacitor applications이성철
2018-07Cobalt encapsulated in the nitrogen and sulfur co-doped carbon nanotube supported platinum for the oxygen reduction reaction catalyst이성철
2018-03Comparative investigation of the molybdenum sulphide doped with cobalt and selenium towards hydrogen evolution reaction이성철
2015-09Composite multi-functional over layer: A novel design to improve the photovoltaic performance of DSSC이성철
2012-05Computational analysis of mixed potential effect in proton exchange membrane fuel cells이성철
2016-05Computational analysis of the zinc utilization in the primary zinc-air batteries이성철
2017-04Computational analysis on the electrode geometric parameters for the reversible solid oxide cells이성철
2013-04Computational modeling of proton exchange membrane fuel cells including gas-crossover behavior이성철
2018-12Consideration of reversed Boudouard reaction in solid oxide direct carbon fuel cell (SO-DCFC)이성철
2011-08Development of a four-zone carousel process packed with metal ion-imprinted polymer for continuous separation of copper ions from manganese ions, cobalt ions, and the constituent metal ions of the buffer solution used as eluent이성철
2018-12Development of cobalt encased in nitrogen and sulfur co-doped carbon nanotube for non-precious metal catalyst toward oxygen reduction reaction이성철
2012-04Effect of functionalization for carbon molecular sieve (CMS) synthesized using zeolite template on the incorporation of Pt nanoparticle and performance of the electrodes in PEMFC이성철
2017-12Effect of organic solvents on catalyst structure of PEM fuel cell electrode fabricated via electrospray deposition이성철
2017-02Effect of the silica particle diameter on the morphology of catalyst layer in proton exchange membrane fuel cells이성철
2013-05Electrochemical properties of hybrid typed electrocatalyst using Pt/carbon molecular sieve synthesized by zeolite template and Pt carbon black이성철
2013-12Enhanced Performance of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells with Activated Carbons이성철
2018-06Fabrication of highly effective self-humidifying membrane electrode assembly for proton exchange membrane fuel cells via electrostatic spray deposition이성철
2017-03Fabrication of practical PEMFC electrode with ultralow mass loading of platinum via electro-spray deposition technique이성철
2017-10Facile Nanostructured Composite Synthesis of Selenium and Molybdenum Chalcogenides/Carbon Nanotubes for Li-Ion Batteries이성철
2017-09Geometric reconstruction and numerical analysis for characterization of transport properties at various levels of water saturation in micro/nano structure of catalyst layers이성철
2017-05A graphene quantum dot/phthalocyanine conjugate: a synergistic catalyst for the oxygen reduction reaction이성철
2017-03Graphene supported platinum for oxygen reduction reaction electrocatalyst through a facile microwave-assisted polyol synthesis이성철
2018-10Harvesting Electronic Waste for the Development of Highly Efficient Eco-Design Electrodes for Electrocatalytic Water Splitting이성철
2018-06A Highly Effective, Stable Oxygen Evolution Catalyst Derived from Transition Metal Selenides and Phosphides이성철
2015-11Highly efficient and durable dye-sensitized solar cells based on a wet-laid PET membrane electrolyte이성철
2013-10Improved polarization of mesoporous electrodes of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell using N-methyl-2-pyrrolidinone이성철
2017-11Influence of Phosphidation on CoSe2 Catalyst for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction이성철
2019-03Influence of the Nafion agglomerate morphology on the water-uptake behavior and fuel cell performance in the proton exchange membrane fuel cells이성철