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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-10American Beef and Nuclear Power Plants: Risk Management of Complex Technological Systems and the Precautionary Principle이상욱
2016-02Aromatic cages B-42(0/+): unprecedented existence of octagonal holes in boron clusters (vol 18, pg 11620, 2016)이상욱
2019-01Atomistic insights into the anisotropic mechanical properties and role of ripples on the thermal expansion of h-BCN monolayers이상욱
2019-05B3S monolayer: prediction of a high-performance anode material for lithium-ion batteries이상욱
2015-11Behavior of maltose-neopentyl glycol-3 (MNG-3) at the air/aqueous interface이상욱
2016-03Controlled Growth of Rubrene Nanowires by Eutectic Melt Crystallization이상욱
2016-01Exploring Interfacial Events in Gold-Nanocluster-Sensitized Solar Cells: Insights into the Effects of the Cluster Size and Electrolyte on Solar Cell Performance이상욱
2015-07Iridium Cyclometalates with Tethered o-Carboranes: Impact of Restricted Rotation of o-Carborane on Phosphorescence Efficiency이상욱
2012-12Kuhn's The Structure of Scientific Revolutions in South Korea이상욱
2015-01Manipulation of Phosphorescence Efficiency of Cyclometalated Iridium Complexes by Substituted o-Carboranes이상욱
2015-07o-Carboranyl–Phosphine as a New Class of Strong-Field Ancillary Ligand in Cyclometalated Iridium(III) Complexes: Toward Blue Phosphorescence이상욱
2014-05Production of a Science Documentary and its Usefulness in Teaching the Nature of Science: Indirect Experience of How Science Works이상욱
2017-01Scalable 3-D Carbon Nitride Sponge as an Efficient Metal-Free Bifunctional Oxygen Electrocatalyst for Rechargeable Zn-Air Batteries이상욱
2015-04Selective Synthesis of Ruthenium(II) Metalla[2]Catenane via Solvent and Guest-Dependent Self-Assembly이상욱
2014-11Strain Energy and Structural Property of Methyl Substituted Imogolite이상욱
2014-10Synthesis and characterization of an ester-terminated organic semiconductor for ethanol vapor detection이상욱
2019-05Time Transient Electrochemical Monitoring of Tetraalkylammonium Polybromide Solid Particle Formation: Observation of Ionic Liquid-to-Solid Transitions이상욱
2015-02Two Dimensional Aggregation Behaviors of Quinoxaline Dendrimers이상욱
2019-01Unveiling dual-linkage 3D hexaiminobenzene metal-organic frameworks towards long-lasting advanced reversible Zn-air batteries이상욱
2014-07갈릴레오의 과학 연구: 과학철학적 STS(과학기술학) 교육의 한 사례이상욱
2013-01과학철학과 초등 과학 교육이상욱
2015-03기후과학의 철학적 쟁점: 성공적 융합 연구를 위한 인식론적 조건과 윤리적 함의이상욱
2016-03다원주의와 인본주의:장하석의 ‘특별한’ 과학철학 안내서이상욱
2011-07바이오뱅크의 바람직한 운영을 위한 공론화의 필요성이상욱
2012-06바이오뱅크의 윤리적 쟁점이상욱
2014-11분류의 다양성과 원리: 지식의 탄생을중심으로이상욱
2018-08아파트 분양가와 실거래가의 상호 영향에 관한 연구이상욱
2011-07이해충돌과 과학 연구 윤리이상욱
2014-08인간 조건 하에서의 합리성 : 진화, 공감, 제도이상욱
2016-01자극에 반응하고 조절되는 인간 : 행동과학과 인간공학의 인간관이상욱