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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-124 자유도 새로운 소프트 핑거 설계이병주
2017-01Analytical model of variable characteristic of coefficient of restitution and its application to ball trajectory planning이병주
2018-06Application of Cosserat Rod Theory to Configuration Estimation of Colonoscope이병주
2015-10ASC localization in noisy environment based on wireless sensor network이병주
2017-01An assembly-type master-slave catheter and guidewire driving system for vascular intervention이병주
2015-10Balancing Arm Design for Variable Payload이병주
2017-06Cane Length Analysis to Support Walking for Elders이병주
2008-02Comparison of Impulses Experienced on Human Joints Walking on the Ground to Those Experienced Walking on a Treadmill이병주
2008-05Design and Motion Planning of a Two-Moduled Indoor Pipeline Inspection Robot이병주
2015-10Design concept of a micro robot delivery system이병주
2017-05Design of a master device for controlling multi-moduled continuum robots이병주
2015-08Design of a New 6-DOF Parallel Mechanism with a Suspended Platform이병주
2016-10Design of a new gravity balanced parallel mechanism with Schonflies motion이병주
2018-06Design of a Passive 10-DOF Arterial Puncturing Mechanism for Reducing Radiological Exposure이병주
2017-06Design of Endoscope Holder Mechanism and Controller for a Laryngeal Surgical Robotic System이병주
2017-03Development of a New Neurosurgical 5-DOF Parallel Robot for Stereotactic DBS Operations이병주
2017-01Development of a Robotic Colonoscopic Manipulation System, Using Haptic Feedback Algorithm이병주
2009-10Grasping Algorithm for Varied Objects이병주
2018-05Image-Guided Dual Master-Slave Robotic System for Maxillary Sinus Surgery이병주
2018-04Implementation of a revolute-joint-based asymmetric Schonflies motion haptic device with redundant actuation이병주
2016-10Impulse Modeling and Analysis of Dual Arm Hammering Task: Human-like Manipulator이병주
2008-11Intelligent Mobility Playing the Role of Impulse Absorption이병주
2008-10Joint-Limit Avoidance and Kinetic-Energy Minimization in Manipulators Having Surplus Joints이병주
2015-12Kinematic Analysis and Motion Planning for a Planar Multiarticulated Omnidirectional Mobile Robot이병주
2009-05The Kinematic Modeling and Optimal Paramerization of an Omni-Directional Pipeline Robot이병주
2016-10Kinematic Modeling, Analysis, and Load Distribution Algorithm for a Redundantly Actuated 4-DOF Parallel Mechanism이병주
2015-08Kinematic modelling and configuration estimation for elastic wire using minimum sensors이병주
2018-10A Magnetically Controlled Soft Microrobot Steering a Guidewire in a Three-Dimensional Phantom Vascular Network이병주
2017-12Modeling and Analysis of Parallel Mechanisms With Both Kinematic and Actuation Redundancies Via Screw Theory이병주
2018-07Modeling and Applications of a Family of Five-Degree-of-Freedom Parallel Mechanisms With Kinematic and Actuation Redundancy이병주