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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-112단 유성식 외륜 고정형 Cycloid 감속기의 다물체 모델링 및 동특성 분석유홍희
2011-112차 함수의 해석적 통계 모멘트를 사용한 트럭 프레임 피로수명의 강건 설계 기법유홍희
2015-10'ㄷ’ 모양의 외팔보를 이용한 광대역 압전 에너지 하베스터유홍희
2014-06Application of excitation moment for enhancing fault diagnosis probability of rotating blade유홍희
2015-03Body guidance syntheses of four-bar linkage systems employing a spring-connected block model유홍희
2015-11Development of a human vibration model considering muscles and stiffness of intervertebral discs유홍희
2012-01Development of multiple performance indices and system parameter study for the design of a MEMS accelerometer유홍희
2011-04Dynamic analysis of a BLDC motor with mechanical and electromagnetic interaction due to air gap variation유홍희
2013-10Dynamic model for free vibration and response analysis of rotating beams유홍희
2014-06Estimation of human lower-extremity muscle force under uncertainty while rising from a chair유홍희
2014-02Estimation of muscle and joint forces in the human lower extremity during rising motion from a seated position유홍희
2013-09Eulerian and Lagrangian descriptions for the vibration analysis of a deploying beam유홍희
2014-12Experimental investigation of vehicle wiper blade's squeal noise generation due to windscreen waviness유홍희
2013-09HMM/AMM 복합 모델을 이용한 회전 블레이드의 결함 진단유홍희
2015-04HMM을 이용한 회전체 결함 진단유홍희
2015-09HMM을 이용한 회전체 시스템의 질량편심 결함진단유홍희
2015-11Human vibration analysis by employing whole-body three-dimensional vibration model유홍희
2016-06Identification of location and size of a defect in a structural system employing active external excitation and hybrid feature vector components in HMM유홍희
2014-06Identification of muscle forces and activation of quadriceps femoris muscles of healthy adults considering knee damping effects during patellar tendon reflex유홍희
2013-07Investigation of influence of constraints with radius links on locomotive axle load distribution and wheelset steering ability유홍희
2014-11LifeMOD를 활용한 걷는 동작 시 인체 하지부 근력 및 근육 에너지 소모 예측유홍희
2014-02Manufacturing yield and cost estimation of a MEMS accelerometer based on statistical uncertainty analysis유홍희
2015-11Mechanical characteristics of skin and muscle under compression유홍희
2011-07MEMS 가속도계의 성능분포 및 제조수율 예측유홍희
2012-04Mistuned 된 블레이드를 포함한 회전하는 멀티 패킷 블레이드 시스템의 과도해석유홍희
2012-04Mistuned된 블레이드를 포함한 멀티 패킷 블레이드 시스템의 진동 국부화유홍희
2015-10Mode and transient response localization occurred in rotating multi-packet blade systems due to random mistuning유홍희
2015-11Modeling of a pendulum test including skin and muscles under compression유홍희
2016-10Piezoelectric energy harvesting system with magnetic pendulum movement for self-powered safety sensor of trains유홍희
2014-08Precision Fault Diagnosis Procedure for a Structural System Having a Defect Employing Hidden Markov Models유홍희