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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-01Control of Evaporation Behavior of an Inkjet-Printed Dielectric Layer Using a Mixed-Solvent System오제훈
2015-05Control of the crystalline structure of inkjet-printed semiconductor layers using overlap condition and surface wettability오제훈
2009-06Development of Micro Desktop Forming System for Fluid Dynamic Bearing Forming Process오제훈
2007-03Effect of Fiber Arrangement on Residual Thermal Stress Distributions in a Unidirectional Composite오제훈
2018-05Fabrication of fine metal patterns using an additive material extrusion process with a molten metal오제훈
2017-08Fabrication of highly-sensitive capacitive pressure sensors with electrospun polymer nanofibers오제훈
2018-02Formation and characterization of inkjet-printed nanosilver lines on plasma-treated glass substrates오제훈
2016-10High-resolution conductive patterns fabricated by inkjet printing and spin coating on wettability-controlled surfaces오제훈
2015-01High-resolution electrohydrodynamic printing of silver nanoparticle ink via commercial hypodermic needles오제훈
2016-04Honeycomb-like nanofiber based triboelectric nanogenerator using self-assembled electrospun poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-trifluoroethylene) nanofibers오제훈
2015-06Influence of geometrical characteristics of sidewall-type multiple aneurysms on hemodynamic factors오제훈
2015-09Influence of Parent Artery Segmentation and Boundary Conditions on Hemodynamic Characteristics of Intracranial Aneurysms오제훈
2016-04Influence of Processing Conditions and Material Properties on Electrohydrodynamic Direct Patterning of a Polymer Solution오제훈
2016-01Influence of substrate temperature and overlap condition on the evaporation behavior of inkjet-printed semiconductor layers in organic thin film transistors오제훈
2006-05Interfacial Strain Distribution of a Unidirectional Composite with Randomly Distributed Fibers under Transverse Loading오제훈
2018-06Microfluidic technology for cell manipulation오제훈
2007-07Nonlinear analysis of adhesively bonded tubular single-lap joints for composites in torsion오제훈
2018-09Prediction of Thin-walled Areas of Unruptured Cerebral Aneurysms through Comparison of Normalized Hemodynamic Parameters and Intraoperative Images오제훈
2018-09Rapid Fabrication of Microporous BaTiO3/PDMS Nanocomposites for Triboelectric Nanogenerators through One-step Microwave Irradiation오제훈
2017-09Simple and Rapid Fabrication of Pencil-on-paper Triboelectric Nanogenerators with Enhanced Electrical Performance오제훈
2018-07Special Issue on Printed Electronics 2017오제훈
2007-07Strength prediction of tubular composite adhesive joints under torsion오제훈
2008-03Torque Capacity of Tubular Adhesive Joints with Different Composite Adherends오제훈
2016-10간단한 2단계 종이기반 마찰전기 나노제너레이터 제작오제훈
2008-11기판의 표면특성과 중첩도가 잉크젯 미세라인 패턴에 미치는 영향오제훈
2016-10대면적 비접촉식 노광장비 마스크와 기판의 국부적 간극제어를 위한 설계오제훈
2006-12복합재료 접착체를 가지는 튜브형 접합부의 토크전달능력 예측오제훈
2006-03불규칙 섬유배열을 가진 일방향 복합재료의 경계면 변형률 분포 해석오제훈
2006-06비틀림 하중을 받는 복합재료 튜브형 접합부의 비선형 해석오제훈
2016-05용적계량식 금속 3D 프린터용 디스펜서 모듈 개발오제훈