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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-07Analytical CAD models for the signal transients and crosstalk noise of inductance-effect-prominent multi-coupled RLC interconnect lines어영선
2016-03Broadband Thin-Film Transmission-Line Characterization for Accurate High-Frequency Measurements of On-Wafer Components어영선
2006-03Efficient signal integrity verification method of multi-coupled RLC interconnect lines with asynchronous circuit switching어영선
2007-03Efficient signal integrity verification of multi-coupled transmission lines with asynchronously switching non-linear drivers어영선
2019-08Experimental Complex Permittivity Characterization of Mixed Dielectric Materials over a Broadband Frequency어영선
2009-11Fast Eye Diagram Determination for the Signal Integrity Verification of Frequency-Variant transmission lines어영선
2009-04High-Frequency Characterization and Circuit Modeling of Via in Multi-Layered IC Package어영선
2008-11High-Frequency-Measurement-Based Circuit Modeling and Power/Ground Integrity Evaluation of Integrated Circuit Packages어영선
2007-03High-frequency-measurement-based frequency-variant transmission line characterization and circuit modeling for accurate signal integrity verification어영선
2007-10High-frequency-measurement-based IC package performance evaluation어영선
2019-02IC Package Interconnect Line Characterization Based on Frequency-Variant Transmission Line Modeling and Experimental S-Parameters어영선
2005-05A New TWA based Efficient Signal Integrity Verification Technique for Non-Uniform RLC Interconnect Lines어영선
2006-03Non-Physical pseudo-wave-based modal decoupling technique of multi-coupled co-planar transmission lines with homogeneous dielectric media어영선
2016-05A Novel Transmission Line Characterization Based on Measurement Data Reconfirmation어영선
2007-10A novel unified modal decoupling technique for efficient multi-conductor signal integrity verification어영선
2005-04Ohmic Contacts of Pd/Zn/M(=Pd of Pt)/Au to p-Type InP어영선
2005-05Ohmic Contacts of Pd/Zn/Pt(or Pd)Au Materials to P-TYPE InP어영선
2007-10Signal transient and crosstalk model of capacitively and inductively coupled VLSI interconnect lines어영선
2007-12Signal transient and crosstalk model of capacitively and inductively coupled VLSI interconnect lines어영선
2008-12Timing Analysis of Discontinuous RC Interconnect Lines어영선
2007-10Traveling-wave-based waveform approximation technique (TWA) for efficient signal integrity verification of strongly coupled VLSI interconnect lines어영선
2006-07고속/고밀도 VLSI 회로의 공진현상을 감소시키기 위한 효율적인 파워/그라운드 네트워크 설계어영선
2009-07고주파 측정기반 다층 PCB의 유효 유전상수 추출어영선
2009-05공면 배선구조의 시그널 인테그러티 검증어영선
2009-07다층 배선 비아(Via)의 고주파 측정 기반 회로 모델링어영선
2006-07복잡한 다층 RLC 배선구조에서의 TWA를 기반으로 한 효율적인 시그널 인테크러티 검증어영선
2009-05불연속 배선의 신호천이 특성 예측 모델어영선
2006-12주파수 종속 다중 전송선의 신호 천이 특성어영선
2009-05집적회로 패키지 전송선 특성의 실험적 고찰어영선