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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-05Analysis and monitoring of mode transitions during afm nanomachining of IZO-Coated pyrex glass안유민
2017-09Classification and prediction of burr formation in micro drilling of ductile metals안유민
2018-12Design, Fabrication, and Testing of a Microfluidic Device for Thermotaxis and Chemotaxis Assays of Sperm안유민
2006-01DNA의 제한효소 반응 및 전기영동 검출용 PDMS/유리 마이크로바이오칩안유민
2015-12Influence of electrode groove geometry on the passive control of the depletion layer in microfluidic fuel cells안유민
2017-05A laminar flow-based single stack of flow-over planar microfluidic fuel cells안유민
2007-02LIF 공초점 현미경을 이용한 Y-채널 마이크로믹서의 혼합 효율 평가안유민
2005-01Measurement of the mechanical properties of electroplated gold thin films using micromachined beam structures안유민
2008-06MEMS기술을 이용한 전해 도금된 구리 마이크로 빔 구조물 제작에 관한 연구안유민
2008-08Microchip-based multiplex electro-immunosensing system for the detection of cancer biomarkers안유민
2017-06Microfluidic Biochips for Simple Impedimetric Detection of Thrombin Based on Label-free DNA Aptamers안유민
2015-11Microfluidic multiplex biochip based on a point-of-care electrochemical detection system for matrix metalloproteinases안유민
2008-02Micromachined Si cantilever arrays for parallel AFM operation안유민
2008-04A novel microfluidic biosensor based on an electrical detection system for alpha-fetoprotein안유민
2018-09Parylene C-coated PDMS-based microfluidic microbial fuel cells with low oxygen permeability안유민
2007-09PDMS-glass serpentine microchannel chip for time domain PCR with bubble suppression in sample injection안유민
2005-05PDMS와 유리를 이용한 생화학반응용 마이크로바이오칩안유민
2005-12PDMS와 유리를 이용한 제한효소 반응용 마이크로바이오칩 개발안유민
2008-05Real-time immunoassay with a PDMS-glass hybrid microfilter electro-immunosensing chip using nanogold particles and silver enhancement안유민
2007-11Separation type mulitplex PCR chip for detecting male infertility안유민
2008-06Separation-Type Multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction Chip for Detecting Male Infertility안유민
2005-04Si multiprobes integrated with lateral actuators for independent scanning probe applications안유민
2006-08Simple structured polydimethylsiloxane microvalve actuated by external air pressure안유민
2019-07Upscaling of microfluidic fuel cell using planar single stacks안유민
2006-08Voltage pulse frequency and duty ratio effects in an electrochemical discharge microdrilling process of Pyrex glass안유민
2006-01나노입자를 이용한 마이크로바이오칩의 전기적 신호검출안유민
2005-05나노입자를 이용한 마이크로바이오칩의 전기적 신호검출안유민
2008-08마이크로 혼합기와 반응기로 구성된 DNA 결찰용 바이오칩에 관한 연구안유민
2008-12마이크로 히트 파이프 히트 스프레더의 설계 및 제작안유민
2005-04마이크로바이오칩의 전기신호 검출 시스템에 관한 연구안유민