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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-1028-Day inhalation toxicity of graphene nanoplatelets in Sprague-Dawley rats안강호
2005-03300mm 웨이퍼 위의 에어로졸 나노 입자의 증착장비 개발을 위한 수치 해석적 연구안강호
2015-065-Day repeated inhalation and 28-day post-exposure study of graphene안강호
2016-10Case study on risk evaluation of printed electronics using nanosilver ink안강호
2015-10Case Study on Risk Evaluation of Silver Nanoparticle Exposure from Antibacterial Sprays Containing Silver Nanoparticles안강호
2017-11Charging Effect on the 80-200 nm Size Atmospheric Aerosols during a Lightning Event안강호
2006-10Deep RIE(reactive ion etching)를 이용한 가스 유량센서 제작안강호
2018-03Development of a Sampling Probe for Representative Sampling of PM at Freestream Velocities in the Range from 0 to 300 km h(-1)안강호
2016-10Exposure monitoring of graphene nanoplatelets manufacturing workplaces안강호
2017-06Formation and alteration of airborne particles in the subway environment안강호
2015-01Health surveillance study of workers who manufacture multi-walled carbon nanotubes안강호
2008-12ICP-RIE 기술을 이용한 차압형 가스유량센서 제작안강호
2018-05Investigation of a double shrouded probe for particle sampling in high velocity airflows안강호
2015-10New particle formation at ground level and in the vertical column over the Barcelona area안강호
2017-07Performance evaluation of conventional type conductive cooling continuous flow compact water-based CPC (Hy-WCPC)안강호
2017-02Phenomenology of high-ozone episodes in NE Spain안강호
2018-05Phenomenology of summer ozone episodes over the Madrid Metropolitan Area, central Spain안강호
2015-10Pulmonary Responses of Sprague-Dawley Rats in Single Inhalation Exposure to Graphene Oxide Nanomaterials안강호
2007-02PZT를 이용한 Semi-inchworm 구동기법의 초정밀 회전 스테이지 개발안강호
2018-06Short-term inhalation study of graphene oxide nanoplates안강호
2015-07Size-dependent clearance of gold nanoparticles from lungs of Sprague-Dawley rats after short-term inhalation exposure안강호
2017-01Subacute inhalation toxicity study of synthetic amorphous silica nanoparticles in Sprague-Dawley rats안강호
2015-10Three-Day Continuous Exposure Monitoring of CNT Manufacturing Workplaces안강호
2018-04Tissue distribution of gold and silver after subacute intravenous injection of co-administered gold and silver nanoparticles of similar sizes안강호
2018-12Vertical and horizontal distribution of regional new particle formation events in Madrid안강호
2006-05고진공에서 이온 카운터를 사용한 실시간 입자모니터링 시스템의 개발안강호
2008-12대기중 입자 측정을 위한 광대역(0.01-5.0㎛) 계측기(WAPS) 개발 및 수원 지역 대기 입자 분포 측정 연구안강호
2008-12반도체 공정용 차압식 질량 유량 제어 장치의 개발 및 성능 평가안강호
2008-12여름철 북극 에어로졸의 단일입자 특성 분석안강호