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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-06Active homing performance enhancement with multiple model radome slope estimation송택렬
2015-05Active vehicle protection using angle and time-to-go information from high-resolution infrared sensors송택렬
2018-11Analysis for reference sensor selection in TDOA-based localization송택렬
2018-10Bearings-only multi-target tracking using an improved labeled multi-Bernoulli filter송택렬
2015-01Distributed (Nonlinear) Target Tracking in Clutter송택렬
2018-04Distributed multi-target tracking with Y-shaped passive linear array sonars for effective ghost track elimination송택렬
2019-07An Efficient Indoor Target Tracking Algorithm Using TDOA Measurements With Applications to Ultra-Wideband Systems송택렬
2019-03An Efficient Multi-Path Multitarget Tracking Algorithm for Over-The-Horizon Radar dagger송택렬
2016-10Efficient smoothing for multiple maneuvering targets in heavy clutter송택렬
2015-06Fixed lag smoothing target tracking in clutter for a high pulse repetition frequency radar송택렬
2015-07Gaussian Mixture Measurement for Very Long Range Tracking송택렬
2016-09Gaussian mixture presentation of measurements for long-range radar tracking송택렬
2005-09Highest probability data association and particle filtering for target tracking in clutter송택렬
2006-07Highest Probability Data Association for Active Sonar Tracking송택렬
2008-06Image Tracking algorithm Using Template Matching and PSNF-m송택렬
2016-10Improved 3D angle-only Target Tracking with Smoothing송택렬
2016-09Improved Bearings-Only Multi-Target Tracking with GM-PHD Filtering송택렬
2017-02Improved bearings-only target tracking with iterated Gaussian mixture measurements송택렬
2016-07Information filters with reduced data storage for out-of-sequence measurements update송택렬
2015-10Integrated particle filter for target tracking in clutter송택렬
2015-10Integrated Particle Rauch-Tung-Striebel Backward Smoothing for Single Target Tracking in Clutter송택렬
2017-04Integrated particle smoothing for target tracking in clutter송택렬
2017-01Interactive clutter measurement density estimator for multitarget data association송택렬
2015-10Iterative Joint Integrated Particle Filter Data Association for Multitarget Tracking in Clutter송택렬
2018-01Iterative joint integrated probabilistic data association filter for multiple-detection multiple-target tracking송택렬
2015-01Iterative Joint Integrated Probabilistic Data Association for Multitarget Tracking송택렬
2018-09Joint integrated track splitting for multi-path multi-target tracking using OTHR detections송택렬
2015-08Launch Point Prediction Employing the Smoothing IPDA Algorithm in 3-D Cluttered Environments송택렬
2018-05Linear multitarget integrated probabilistic data association for multiple detection target tracking송택렬
2017-12Markov Chain Realization of Joint Integrated Probabilistic Data Association송택렬