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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-01alpha-Fe(2)o(3) Submicron Spheres with Hollow and Macroporous Structures as High-Performance Anode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries서경도
2013-04Analysis of electrical property changes of skin by oil-in-water emulsion components서경도
2013-08Biofilm-forming ability of Staphylococcus aureus strains isolated from human skin서경도
2015-12Carbon-doped ZnO submicron spheres functionalized with carboxylate groups and effect of dispersion stability in the colloidal system for high photocatalytic activity서경도
2013-12Comparison of the skin biophysical parameters of Southeast Asia females: forehead-cheek and ethnic groups서경도
2012-04The Depigmenting Activities of Hydroxyl Carboxamide Derivatives Containing Hydrophobic Moiety서경도
2012-06Depigmenting activities of kojic acid derivatives without tyrosinase inhibitory activities서경도
2012-06Depigmenting activity of new kojic acid derivative obtained as a side product in the synthesis of cinnamate of kojic acid서경도
2014-03Effect of crosslinking on the durability and electrochemical performance of sulfonated aromatic polymer membranes at elevated temperatures서경도
2013-08Effect of skin pH for wrinkle formation on Asian: Korean, Vietnamese and Singaporean서경도
2012-04The effects of particle conductivity on the electrorheological properties of functionalized MCNT-coated doublet-shaped anisotropic microspheres서경도
2012-04Enhanced transdermal delivery by using electrostatically interactive chitosan nanocapsules서경도
2012-04Fabrication of monodisperse polymer/silica hybrid microparticles for improving light diffusion properties서경도
2015-01Facile synthesis of monodisperse poly(MAA/EGDMA)/Fe3O4 hydrogel microspheres with hollow structures for drug delivery systems: the hollow structure formation mechanism and effects of various metal ions on structural changes서경도
2015-06A facile template-free synthesis of pH-responsive polyelectrolyte/amorphous TiO2 composite hollow microcapsules for photocatalysis서경도
2015-02Highly lithium-ion conductive battery separators from thermally rearranged polybenzoxazole (vol 51, pg 2068, 2015)서경도
2015-05Highly monodisperse magnetite/carbon composite microspheres with a mesoporous structure as high-performance lithium-ion battery anodes서경도
2012-07Hollow Fe3O4 microspheres as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries서경도
2013-04Improved rate capability of lithium-ion batteries with Ag nanoparticles deposited onto silicon/carbon composite microspheres as an anode material서경도
2014-02Method for detecting the reactivity of chemicals towards peptides as an alternative test method for assessing skin sensitization potential (vol 225, pg 185, 2014)서경도
2012-05Monodisperse conducting colloidal dipoles with symmetric dimer structure for enhancing electrorheology properties서경도
2013-12Monodispersed hollow carbon/Fe3O4 composite microspheres for high performance anode materials in lithium-ion batteries서경도
2013-08One-Pot Template-Free Synthesis of Monodisperse Hollow Hydrogel Microspheres and their Resulting Properties서경도
2013-07Rattle type alpha-Fe2O3 submicron spheres with a thin carbon layer for lithium-ion battery anodes서경도
2011-10Release behavior of active material from poly(vinyl amine)/polyelectrolyte composite hollow particles서경도
2014-10Simple fabrication and electrochemical performance of porous and double-shelled macroporous CuO nanomaterials with a thin carbon layer서경도
2013-10Synthesis and characterization of TiO2 nanoparticles chemically coated with zwitterionic polymer brushes서경도
2013-12Synthesis of Fe3O4/C composite microspheres for a high performance lithium-ion battery anode서경도
2011-12Synthesis of silicon/carbon, multi-core/shell microspheres using solution polymerization for a high performance Li ion battery서경도
2012-04Synthetic polymer membranes as a proxy of skins in permeation studies of biologically active compounds서경도