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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-09Adaptive Temperature Control System for LED Array Systems배성우
2016-07Analysis and Design of a Double-Stator Flux-Switching Permanent Magnet Machine Using Ferrite Magnet in Hybrid Electric Vehicles배성우
2016-07Analysis and Design of a Hybrid Rare-Earth-Free Permanent Magnet Reluctance Machine by Frozen Permeability Method배성우
2017-09Analysis of a Symmetric Active Cell Balancer with a Multi-winding Transformer배성우
2019-05Analysis of the influence of a conductive particle on the surface flashover characteristics of epoxy dielectric in atmospheric air배성우
2016-05Comparison on cell balancing methods for energy storage applications배성우
2018-09Decentralized Power Management for Electrical Power Systems in More Electric Aircrafts배성우
2016-12Design of a Sustainable and Efficient Transportation Station (SETS) Based on Renewable Sources and Efficient Electric Drives배성우
2019-01The Discharge Mechanism Leading to the Tracking Progress in Polyvinyl-Chloride-Sheathed Flat Cord배성우
2016-01Dry-Air 중의 동일 연면거리를 가진 고체절연물의 형상 변화에 따른 수직연면방전 특성 연구배성우
2012-12Dynamic modeling and operation strategy for a microgrid with wind and photovoltaic resources배성우
2016-09Effect of Sensors on the Reliability and Control Performance of Power Circuits in the Web of Things (WoT)배성우
2016-12Electric vehicle charging demand forecasting model based on big data technologies배성우
2019-02Impact of Electric Vehicle Charging Demand on a Jeju Island Radial Distribution Network배성우
2016-04N2/O2 혼합가스 중 연면방전특성에서 봉전극 곡률의 영향배성우
2018-08Partial Discharge and Surface Flashover Characteristics with O-2 Content in N-2/O-2 Mixed Gas under a Non-Uniform Field배성우
2017-10Power Controllable LED System with Increased Energy Efficiency Using Multi-Sensors for Plant Cultivation배성우
2017-06Prediction of electric vehicle charging-power demand in realistic urban traffic networks배성우
2014-09Probabilistic Assessment of Total Transfer Capability Using SQP and Weather Effects배성우
2016-11Quantitative Analysis of a Steel Billet Surface Flaw Detection System by Means of a Finite Element Method배성우
2016-05Research on the Correlation of Control Malfunction with Induced Voltage of Control Signal Line According to Voltage Change of a Power Line배성우
2012-03Spatial and temporal model of electric vehicle charging demand배성우
2016-07Systematic Topology Selection Method for Multiple-Input DC-DC Converters배성우
2016-03개선된 Dry Air와 SF6의 혼합비에 따른 절연파괴 특성 연구배성우
2013-10건조공기의 연면방전에서 가스압력과 극간거리에 따른 매질효과분석배성우
2015-12배전급 전력설비를 위한 친환경 가스의 절연성능검토배성우
2016-02적층된 에폭시 고체유전체와 도전성 파티클에 대한 Dry-Air의 연면방전특성배성우
2018-08전기차 충전부하에 의한 배전 변압기의 부하율, 핫스팟 온도, 열화, 수명 분석배성우
2015-11준평등전계중 Dry Air내 산소의 농도에 따른 절연파괴 및 연면방전 특성 연구배성우