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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-03Bayesian analysis of two-phase degradation data based on change-point Wiener process배석주
2018-06Bayesian Approach for Two-Phase Degradation Data Based on Change-Point Wiener Process With Measurement Errors배석주
2016-07A Bayesian approach to degradation-based burn-in optimization for display products exhibiting two-phase degradation patterns배석주
2015-02A Bayesian approach to modeling two-phase degradation using change-point regression배석주
2016-12Bayesian degradation modeling for reliability prediction of organic light-emitting diodes배석주
2011-10Bi-objective scheduling for reentrant hybrid flow shop using Pareto genetic algorithm배석주
2013-02Change-point detection in failure intensity: A case study with repairable artillery systems배석주
2018-06Classification of acoustic noise signals using wavelet spectrum based support vector machine배석주
2013-08A Constraint-based Maximum Entropy Sampling Method for Kriging Models in Fuel Cell Applications배석주
2013-01Cost-effective degradation test plan for a nonlinear random-coefficients model배석주
2018-03Data depth based support vector machines for predicting corporate bankruptcy배석주
2014-09Degradation pattern prediction of a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell stack with series reliability structure via durability data of single cells배석주
2011-10Detection of Spatial Defect Patterns Generated in Semiconductor Fabrication Processes배석주
2015-03Discussion of 'Stochastic modelling and analysis of degradation for highly reliable products'배석주
2014-03Drop fragility of the display of a smart mobile phone: weakest link failure or cumulative shock failure?배석주
2012-12A Genetic-Based Iterative Quantile Regression Algorithm for Analyzing Fatigue Curves배석주
2014-06High visibility or quiet operation?: A statistical inference model of the wiper operation quality by the dual-code theory배석주
2012-06Lifetime prediction of a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell via an accelerated startup-shutdown cycle test배석주
2012-06Multi-step ART1 algorithm for recognition of defect patterns on semiconductor wafers배석주
2016-10On data depth and the application of nonparametric multivariate statistical process control charts배석주
2012-12Operating Temperature Dependency on Performance Degradation of Direct Methanol Fuel Cells배석주
2011-11Optimal Maintenance Policy of Repairable System with Bathtub Shaped Intenstiy배석주
2014-03Optimal replacement strategy for stochastic deteriorating system with random wear limit under periodic inspections배석주
2015-09Reliability Estimation from Linear Degradation and Failure Time Data With Competing Risks Under a Step-Stress Accelerated Degradation Test배석주
2016-06Remaining Useful Life Prediction of Lithium-Ion Batteries Based on Spherical Cubature Particle Filter배석주
2018-03Solid State Drive(SSD)에 대한 가속열화시험 데이터 모델링 및 분석배석주
2016-03A Spatio-Temporal Defect Process Model for Competing Progressive Breakdown Modes of Ultra-Thin Gate Oxides배석주
2018-06A study of the relationship between coulombic efficiency and capacity degradation of commercial lithium-ion batteries배석주
2013-01A Superposed Log-Linear Failure Intensity Model for Repairable Artillery Systems배석주
2011-12Yield Prediction for Integrated Circuits Manufacturing Through Hierarchical Bayesian Modeling of Spatial Defects배석주