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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-04Ag(I)-Thiolate-Protected Silver Nanoclusters for Solar Cells: Electrochemical and Spectroscopic Look into the Photoelectrode/Electrolyte Interface방진호
2016-06Ag-16(SG)(9) Nanoclusters as a Light Harvester for Metal-Cluster-Sensitized Solar Cells방진호
2011-10Carbon Microspheres as Supercapacitors방진호
2012-10CdSe Nanowire/Fullerene Nanocomposite Photoelectrode: Charge Separation and Photoelectrochemical Behavior방진호
2011-12CdSe Quantum Dot-Fullerene Hybrid Nanocomposite for Solar Energy Conversion: Electron Transfer and Photoelectrochemistry방진호
2011-10CO-Tolerant PtMo/C Fuel Cell Catalyst for H-2 Oxidation방진호
2014-08Co3O4/MnO2 Core/Shell-Nanostructured Pseudocapacitor Electrode방진호
2017-02Cobalt disulfide nano-pine-tree array as a platinum alternative electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction방진호
2018-06Composition-Dependent Electrocatalytic Activity of Cobalt Sulfides for Triiodide Reduction in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells방진호
2016-11Control of morphology and defect density in zinc oxide for improved dye-sensitized solar cells방진호
2017-12Deciphering the Electrocatalytic Activity of Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Embedded with Cobalt Nanoparticles and the Reaction Mechanism of Triiodide Reduction in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells방진호
2019-03Designing Hierarchical Assembly of Carbon-Coated TiO2 Nanocrystals and Unraveling the Role of TiO2/Carbon Interface in Lithium-Ion Storage in TiO2방진호
2012-10Effect of CdSe nanoparticles in polymethylmethacrylate tunneling layer on the performance of nonvolatile organic memory device방진호
2015-12Efficacy of In2S3 interfacial recombination barrier layer in PbS quantum-dot-sensitized solar cells방진호
2011-12Efficient electrogenerated chemiluminescence from CdTe quantum dots with coreactants방진호
2018-12Enhanced PbS quantum dot loading on TiO2 photoanode using atomic-layer-deposited ZnS interfacial layer for quantum dot-sensitized solar cells방진호
2015-04Enhanced performance of PbS-sensitized solar cells via controlled successive ionic-layer adsorption and reaction방진호
2016-01Exploring Interfacial Events in Gold-Nanocluster-Sensitized Solar Cells: Insights into the Effects of the Cluster Size and Electrolyte on Solar Cell Performance방진호
2019-05Exploring the Capacitive Behavior of Carbon Functionalized with Cyclic Ethers: A Rational Strategy To Exploit Oxygen Functional Groups for Enhanced Capacitive Performance방진호
2018-06A Generalizable Top-Down Nanostructuring Method of Bulk Oxides: Sequential Oxygen-Nitrogen Exchange Reaction방진호
2013-02Highly Electrocatalytic Cu2ZnSn(S1-xSex)(4) Counter Electrodes for Quantum-Dot-Sensitized Solar Cells방진호
2011-10Hollow graphitic carbon spheres for Pt electrocatalyst support in direct methanol fuel cell방진호
2014-07A hollow titanium oxynitride nanorod array as an electrode substrate prepared by the hot ammonia-induced Kirkendall effect방진호
2017-08Improved light absorbance and quantum-dot loading by macroporous TiO2 photoanode for PbS quantum-dot-sensitized solar cells방진호
2012-06Improved Photovoltaic Performance of Si Nanowire Solar Cells Integrated with ZnSe Quantum Dots방진호
2012-12Influence of Nanoporous Oxide Substrate on the Performance of Photoelectrode in Semiconductor-Sensitized Solar Cells방진호
2017-08The influence of surface area, porous structure, and surface state on the supercapacitor performance of titanium oxynitride: implications for a nanostructuring strategy방진호
2016-03Investigation of charge trapping mechanism for nanocrystal-based organic nonvolatile floating gate memory devices by band structure analysis방진호
2016-03Investing the Effectiveness of Retention Performance in a Non-Volatile Floating Gate Memory Device with a Core-Shell Structure of CdSe Nanoparticles방진호
2013-08Mesoporous Ni(OH)2 tubes on carbon fiber paper for pseudocapacitor electrode방진호