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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-01Abrasive and additive interactions in high selectivity STI CMP slurries박진구
2013-01Acoustic cavitation behavior in isopropyl alcohol added cleaning solution박진구
2017-12Adhesion and removal behavior of particulate contaminants from EUV mask materials박진구
2017-08Adsorption of sodium dodecyl sulfate on cleaning of an N-polar GaN surface in an alkaline solution박진구
2019-06A Breakthrough Method for the Effective Conditioning of PVA Brush Used for Post-CMP Process박진구
2015-01Characterization of Cu-BTA Organic Complexes on Cu during Cu CMP and Post Cu Cleaning박진구
2018-04Characterization of Free-Standing Nano-Membranes by Using Ellipsometry박진구
2014-06Characterization of non-amine-based post-copper chemical mechanical planarization cleaning solution박진구
2013-02Characterization of TMAH based cleaning solution for post Cu-CMP application박진구
2011-08Citric Acid and NaIO(4) Based Alkaline Cleaning Solution for Particle Removal during Post-Ru CMP Cleaning박진구
2012-03CMP defects박진구
2015-06Comparison between sapphire lapping processes using 2-body and 3-body modes as a function of diamond abrasive size박진구
2018-04Conductive and transparent submicron polymer lens array fabrication for electrowetting applications박진구
2017-09Critical dimension variation caused by wrinkle in extreme ultra-violet pellicle for 3-nm node박진구
2005-06The Deposition and Characterization of 10nm Thick Teflon-like Anti-stiction Films for the Hot Embossing박진구
2013-01Detection of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Using a Biosensor-Containing Titanium-Well Array박진구
2013-02Development of CO2 gas cluster cleaning method and its characterization박진구
2015-08Dimensionally controlled complex 3D sub-micron pattern fabrication by single step dual diffuser lithography (DDL)박진구
2011-10Effect of Acoustic Cavitation on Dissolved Gases and Their Characterization During Megasonic Cleaning박진구
2012-06Effect of Alkaline pH on Polishing and Etching of Single and Polycrystalline Silicon박진구
2014-02Effect of dissolved gases in water on acoustic cavitation and bubble growth rate in 0.83 MHz megasonic of interest to wafer cleaning박진구
2016-10Effect of Feature Spacing When Injection Molding Parts With Microstructured Surfaces박진구
2015-01Effect of FOUP atmosphere control on process wafer integrity in sub20nm device fabrication박진구
2014-05Effect of La doping of ceria abrasives for STI CMP박진구
2015-02Effect of lanthanum doping in ceria abrasives on chemical mechanical polishing selectivity for shallow trench isolation박진구
2018-10Effect of organic acids in dilute HF solutions on removal of metal contaminants on silicon wafer박진구
2015-10Effect of Particle Contamination on Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Mask and Megasonic Cleaning Process for Its Removal박진구
2016-05Effect of pH and chemical mechanical planarization process conditions on the copper-benzotriazole complex formation박진구
2011-10Effect of Pump Pulsation on Particle Contamination on Wafer Surface in Wet Cleaning System박진구
2011-01Effect of Rinse Process on Removal of Crown Type Defects during Photoresist Development박진구