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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-12A 2-D Layered Metal-Organic Framework Constructed by Using a Hexanuclear Manganese Metallamacrocycle as a Supramolecular Building Block나명수
2008-08An Anion Receptor with NH and OH Groups for Hydrogen Bonds나명수
2006-05Assembly of Heterobinuclear 2-D Network: A Rare Example of Endo- and Exocyclic Coordination of Pd(II)/Ag(I) in a Single Macrocycle나명수
2007-11A Chiral Pentadecanuclear Metallamacrocycle with a Sextuple Twisted Möbius Topology나명수
2005-06Cholesteryl isobutylcarbonate나명수
2009-07Concomitant Formation of N-Heterocyclic Carbene-Copper Complexes within a Supramolecular Network in the Self-Assembly of Imidazolium Dicarboxylate with Metal Ions나명수
2008-05A designed metal-organic framework based on a metal-organic polyhedron나명수
2008-12A Dodecanuclear Metallamacrocycle Having a Multidentate Bridging Ligand in Two Different Binding Modes나명수
2005-01Dynamic Equilibrium between a Supramolecular Capsule and Bowl Generated by Inter- and Intramolecular Metal Clipping나명수
2005-02Efficient synthesis and characterization of tetrakis(p-cyanophenyl)cavitand based on resorcin[4]arene나명수
2006-08Encapsulation of a guest molecule in a strained form: An extended 36-membered dodecanuclear manganese metallamacrocycle that accommodates a cyclooctane in the S4 symmetry conformation나명수
2006-03Face-Driven Corner-Linked Octahedral Nanocages:  M6L8 Cages Formed by C3-Symmetric Triangular Facial Ligands Linked via C4-Symmetric Square Tetratopic PdII Ions at Truncated Octahedron Corners나명수
2007-01Formation of a discrete helical assembly and packing pattern through charged hydrogen bonds and van der Waals interactions나명수
2005-01Friedel−Crafts Peralkylation of Benzene with ω-Chloroalkyltrichlorosilanes: One-Pot Synthesis of Polyfunctionalized Hexakis[ω-(trichlorosilyl)alkyl]benzenes나명수
2007-11A hamburger-shaped helical stacking of disk-shaped ligands mediated by silver(II) ions나명수
2007-09High Affinity Pyrophosphate Receptor by a Synergistic Effect between Metal Coordination and Hydrogen Bonding in Water나명수
2005-01Highly Enantioselective Epoxidation of 2,4‐Diarylenones by Using Dimeric Cinchona Phase‐Transfer Catalysts: Enhancement of Enantioselectivity by Surfactants나명수
2005-12Indole-Based Macrocycles as a Class of Receptors for Anions나명수
2005-02A Linear Trinuclear Mixed Valence Vanadium(V/IV/V) Complex: Synthesis, Characterization and Solution Behavior나명수
2006-06Magnetic Properties of Hexanuclear Manganese Antiferromagnetic Clusters Mn6나명수
2009-06Metal–organic macrocycles, metal–organic polyhedra and metal–organic frameworks나명수
2007-08Metalladiazamacrocycles: Metallamacrocycles as Potential Supramolecular Host System for Small Organic Guest Molecules and Supramolecular Building Blocks for Metal Organic Frameworks나명수
2005-08Modulation of the ring size and nuclearity of metallamacrocycles via the steric effect of ligands: Preparation and characterization of 18-membered hexanuclear, 24-membered octanuclear, and 30-membered decanuclear manganese metalladiazamacrocycles with α- and β-branched N-acyl salicylhydrazides나명수
2008-10Novel 48-Membered Hexadecanuclear and 60-Membered Icosanuclear Manganese Metallamacrocycles나명수
2008-02One-Dimensional Double Helical Structure and 4-Fold Type [2 + 2] Interpenetration of Diamondoid Networks with Helical Fashion나명수
2006-11Organic-inorganic hybrid nanomaterial as a new fluorescent chemosensor and adsorbent for copper ion나명수
2006-03Origin of the Diastereoselection in the Indium-Mediated Addition of Haloallylic Sulfones to Aldehydes나명수
2005-12Polymorphism Driven by π–π Stacking and van der Waals Interactions: Preparation and Characterization of Polymorphic Vanadium Crystals of [VVO(Hacshz)(OEt)] and [VIV(Hacshz)2]나명수
2007-11Porous Metal−Organic Frameworks Based on Metal−Organic Polyhedra with Nanosized Cavities as Supramolecular Building Blocks:  Two-Fold Interpenetrating Primitive Cubic Networks of [Cu6L8]12+ Nanocages나명수
2007-12Selective Gas Sorption Property of Interdigitated 3-D Metal Organic Framework with 1-D Channels나명수