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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-05Bifunctional Sensing Mechanism of SnO2-ZnO Composite Nanofibers for Drastically Enhancing the Sensing Behavior in H-2 Gas김현우
2015-05Decoration of Co nanoparticles on ZnO-branched SnO2 nanowires to enhance gas sensing김현우
2015-08Decoration of MgO nanowires with Gd2O3 nanoparticles: structure and photoluminescence properties김현우
2015-12Excellent gas detection of ZnO nanofibers by loading with reduced graphene oxide nanosheets김현우
2015-01Extraordinary Improvement of Gas-Sensing Performances in SnO2 Nanofibers Due to Creation of Local p-n Heterojunctions by Loading Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanosheets김현우
2016-01Grain-Size-Tuned Highly H-2-Selective Chemiresistive Sensors Based on ZnO-SnO2 Composite Nanofibers김현우
2015-08Growth and Structure of Mg-Al Spinel Nanodonut-Decorated MgO Nanowires김현우
2015-04Highly sensitive and selective H-2 sensing by ZnO nanofibers and the underlying sensing mechanism김현우
2015-11Improved Sensing Behaviors in Reduced Graphene Oxide Functionalized with Ni(OH)(2) Nanoparticles김현우
2015-10Improvement of Gas Sensing Characteristics by Adding Pt Nanoparticles on ZnO-Branched SnO2 Nanowires김현우
2017-08LSTM 딥 러닝 기반의 비 모델 LKAS 조향 각 생성김현우
2017-08Ni계 ODS 합금에서 Y-Ti-O 복합 산화물의 선택적 형성을 통한 산화물 미세화 연구김현우
2015-08One-Pot Synthesis of h-BN Fullerenes Usinsg a Graphene Oxide Template김현우
2015-05One-pot synthesis of Mn3O4-decorated GaN nanowires for drastic changes in magnetic and gas-sensing properties김현우
2015-06Promotion of acceptor formation in SnO2 nanowires by e-beam bombardment and impacts to sensor application김현우
2015-08Reduced graphene oxide functionalized with Cu nanoparticles: Fabrication, structure, and sensing properties김현우
2015-08Simple fabrication and characteristics of Zn2Ti3O8 one-dimensional nanostructures김현우
2016-02Strain Sensing Characteristics of Rubbery Carbon Nanotube Composite for Flexible Sensors김현우
2016-02Synergistic Effects of a Combination of Cr2O3-Functionalization and UV-Irradiation Techniques on the Ethanol Gas Sensing Performance of ZnO Nanorod Gas Sensors김현우
2015-03Synthesis and room-temperature NO2 sensing properties of Sb2O5 nanowires김현우
2015-01Toward wearable and stretchable fabric-based supercapacitors: novel ZnO and SnO2 nanowires-carbon fibre and carbon paper hybrid structure김현우
2015-06Tunable Bandgap Narrowing Induced by Controlled Molecular Thickness in 2D Mica Nanosheets김현우
2015-08An ultra-sensitive hydrogen gas sensor using reduced graphene oxide-loaded ZnO nanofibers김현우
2015-01일측성 전신형 선땀구멍각화증에서 발생한 보웬병김은진; 김현우; 박현철; 박찬금; 김정은; 노영석; 고주연; 노영석