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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-073D 인체 모델링을 이용한 반복하중에 의한 인체 상지 근육의 근피로도 해석김학성
2016-043차원 요소의 점진 파괴 모델을 이용한 유리섬유강화 열가소성 복합재료의 저속 충돌 시뮬레이션김학성
2016-01All-photonic drying and sintering process via flash white light combined with deep-UV and near-infrared irradiation for highly conductive copper nano-ink김학성
2015-09Anisotropic viscoelastic shell modeling technique of copper patterns/photoimageable solder resist composite for warpage simulation of multi-layer printed circuit boards김학성
2012-09Bi-axial fracture strength characteristic of an ultra-thin chip김학성
2012-08Bi-axial fracture strength characteristic of an ultra-thin flash memory chip김학성
2012-05Bi-axial fracture strength characteristic of ultra-thin chip김학성
2016-03Bi-directional homogenization equivalent modeling for the prediction of thermo-mechanical properties of a multi-layered printed circuit board (PCB)김학성
2015-11Copper Nanoparticle/Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Composite Films with High Electrical Conductivity and Fatigue Resistance Fabricated via Flash Light Sintering김학성
2011-02Cu(In,Ga)Se(2) Thin Film Preparation from a Cu(In,Ga) Metallic Alloy and Se Nanoparticles by an Intense Pulsed Light Technique김학성
2016-05Dependence of polymer concrete vibration characteristics on internal pipe and damper embedment김학성
2015-11Design optimization and manufacture of hybrid glass/carbon fiber reinforced composite bumper beam for automobile vehicle김학성
2014-03Design optimization of a carbon fiber reinforced composite automotive lower arm김학성
2014-11The effect of poly (N-vinylpyrrolidone) molecular weight on flash light sintering of copper nanopaste김학성
2016-05Electrical wire explosion process of copper/silver hybrid nano-particle ink and its sintering via flash white light to achieve high electrical conductivity김학성
2015-04Environmentally benign and facile reduction of graphene oxide by flash light irradiation김학성
2015-11Fabrication of iridium oxide nanoparticles supported on activated carbon powder by flashlight irradiation for oxygen evolutions김학성
2015-03Flash light sintered copper precursor/nanoparticle pattern with high electrical conductivity and low porosity for printed김학성
2014-01Flash light sintering of nickel nanoparticles for printed electronics김학성
2015-01Flash Light-Assisted Facile and Eco-Friendly Synthesis of Platinum-Based Alloy Nanoparticle/Carbon Nano-Tube Catalysts for a Direct Methanol Fuel Cell김학성
2014-06Highly conductive copper nano/microparticles ink via flash light sintering for printed electronics김학성
2015-04A Highly Reliable Copper Nanowire/Nanoparticle Ink Pattern with High Conductivity on Flexible Substrate Prepared via a Flash Light-Sintering Technique김학성
2016-02Identification of stiffness distribution of fatigue loaded polymer concrete through vibration measurements김학성
2013-01In situ monitoring of a flash light sintering process using silver nano-ink for producing flexible electronics김학성
2012-11In situ monitoring of flash-light sintering of copper nanoparticle ink for printed electronics김학성
2013-01In situ monitoring of the strain evolution and curing reaction of composite laminates to reduce the thermal residual stress using FBG sensor and dielectrometry김학성
2016-04In vivo stiffness measurement and in silico stiffness prediction of biceps brachii muscle using an isometric contraction exercise김학성
2015-03Instant electrode fabrication on carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic structures using metal nano-ink via flash light sintering for smart sensing김학성
2016-04Intense pulse flash white light combined with deep UV irradiation sintering of ZnO nanosheets for dye sensitized solar cell application김학성
2015-01Intense Pulsed Light-assisted Facile and Agile Fabrication of Cobalt Oxide/Nickel Cobaltite Nanoflakes on Nickel-Foam for High Performance Supercapacitor김학성