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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-08A Study of Congestion Control Scheme in Vehicle to Vehicle Safety Communications김태원
2017-01Analytical solution of the dynamic contact problem of anisotropic materials indented with a rigid wavy surface김태원
2014-12Closed-form solutions for the contact problem of anisotropic materials indented by two collinear punches김태원
2015-09Constructing potentials to evaluate magneto-electro-elastic materials in contact with periodically rough surface김태원
2014-01Correlation of fracture processes and damage mechanisms of armor structural materials under high strain rates with acoustic emission characteristics김태원
2014-10Corrosion effects on fatigue crack propagation of stainless steel and its heat affected zone in pH buffer solutions김태원
2013-01Corrosion fatigue behaviors of HSB800 and its HAZs in air and seawater environments김태원
2011-03Corrosion fatigue crack propagation in a heat affected zone of high-performance steel in an underwater sea environment김태원
2011-06Corrosion Fatigue Crack Propagation of High-strength Steel HSB800 in a seawater environment김태원
2011-06Corrosion fatigue crack propagation of high-strength steel HSB800 in a seawater environment김태원
2018-12Debris dispersion analysis for the determination of impact conditions via traceback technology김태원
2015-11Determination of impact failure mechanisms in RHA steel with artificial neural network analysis김태원
2018-01Determination of the damage mechanisms in armor structural materials via self-organizing map analysis김태원
2015-11Dispersion behavior of debris under high velocity impact by Smoothed Particles Hydrodynamics analysis김태원
2013-10The dynamic compressive behavior of armor structural materials in split Hopkinson pressure bar test김태원
2015-11Dynamic contact modeling of anisotropic magneto-electro-elastic materials with volume fraction changes김태원
2012-07Effect of non-uniform void size and shape distributions on deformation failure in cast aluminum alloy김태원
2014-03An exact analysis of sliding frictional contact of a rigid punch over the surface of magneto-electro-elastic materials김태원
2015-11Failure process in carbon/Kevlar hybrid woven composites via destructive-nondestructive coupled impact tests김태원
2011-03Fatigue crack growth behavior of the simulated HAZ of 800 MPa grade high-performance steel김태원
2011-03Fatigue crack growth behavior of the simulated HAZ of 800 MPa grade high-performance steel김태원
2013-11Frictional moving contact over the surface between a rigid punch and piezomagnetic materials - Terfenol-D as example김태원
2015-11A general solution approach to dynamic contact between a sinusoidal rigid solid and piezoelectric materials with anisotropy김태원
2017-12Heat Conduction and Thermo-Elastic Stress Field Disturbed by a Thermal-Medium Crack Propagating in Orthotropic Materials Characterized by Real or Complex Eigenvalues김태원
2016-07High strain-rate failure in carbon/Kevlar hybrid woven composites via a novel SHPB-AE coupled test김태원
2014-04High-strain-rate impact in Kevlar-woven composites and fracture analysis using acoustic emission김태원
2015-12Influence of heat treated microstructures on the dynamic deformation characteristics of Ti-6Al-4V alloy김태원
2014-07Influence of Ni thin layer on a static and dynamic magnetostrictive behavior in TbFe multi-layered film김태원
2018-11A moving thermal dielectric crack in piezoelectric ceramics with a shearing force applied on its surface김태원