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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-05Application of bivariate frequency analysis for estimating design rainfalls김태웅
2016-06Application of copula functions to construct confidence intervals of bivariate drought frequency curve김태웅
2006-12Assessment of drought vulnerability based on the soil moisture PDF김태웅
2018-08Assessment of Probabilistic Multi-Index Drought Using a Dynamic Naive Bayesian Classifier김태웅
2018-12Assessment of regional drought risk under climate change using bivariate frequency analysis김태웅
2016-06A Bayesian Network-Based Probabilistic Framework for Drought Forecasting and Outlook김태웅
2016-01A CN-Based Ensembled Hydrological Model for Enhanced Watershed Runoff Prediction김태웅
2015-05Comparing Spatial Interpolation Schemes for Constructing a Flow Duration Curve in an Ungauged Basin김태웅
2016-08Comprehensive climatological drought projection over South Korea under climate change김태웅
2016-03Constructing confidence intervals of extreme rainfall quantiles using Bayesian, bootstrap, and profile likelihood approaches김태웅
2016-10Copula 함수를 활용한 삼변량 가뭄빈도해석 기법 개발김태웅
2016-10DAMBRK 모형을 이용한 괴연저수지 붕괴유출량 추정김태웅
2017-04DAMBRK 모형을 이용한 괴연저수지 붕괴유출량 추정김태웅
2007-05Decision tree를 이용한 도시유역홍수방어 대안 도출김태웅
2016-10Detection of Abrupt Changes in Precipitation Extremes over South Korea Using a Bayesian Approach김태웅
2008-12Development of a Flood Index to Evaluate a Severity of Flood in Korea김태웅
2015-08Development of a new composite drought index for multivariate drought assessment김태웅
2017-10Dynamic Naive Bayesian Classifier를 활용한 가뭄지수 평가김태웅
2015-06Ensemble hydrological prediction of streamflow percentile at ungauged basins in Pakistan김태웅
2007-04ENSO와 한국의 수문변량들간의 계절적 관계 분석김태웅
2019-03Estimating RESCON model parameters for efficient sediment flushing in a dam reservoir김태웅
2018-10Estimation of return period and its uncertainty for the recent 2013-2015 drought in the Han River watershed in South Korea김태웅
2019-05Evaluation of Future Flood Risk According to RCP Scenarios Using a Regional Flood Frequency Analysis for Ungauged Watersheds김태웅
2017-10Evaluation of Probabilistic Storage Prediction Model (PSPM) for Optimal Reservoir Operation during a Drought김태웅
2015-11Evolution of a parsimonious rainfall-runoff model using soil moisture proxies김태웅
2016-03Excess Stormwater Quantification in Ungauged Watersheds Using an Event-Based Modified NRCS Model김태웅
2017-09Experimental Analysis of the Scour Pattern Modeling of Scour Depth Around Bridge Piers김태웅
2016-08Future Changes in Drought Characteristics under Extreme Climate Change over South Korea김태웅
2019-03Future Hydrological Drought Risk Assessment Based on Nonstationary Joint Drought Management Index김태웅
2019-08GM-NHMM 기반 토양함수 모의결과를 이용한 합성가뭄지수 개발김태웅