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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-11Adsorption Properties of Argon on Ti Doped SBA-15김재용
2018-12Analysis of local sites of deuterium in Ti53Zr27Ni20 alloys김재용
2013-12Analysis of Structure and P-c-T Curve of Hydrogenated Ti53Zr27-xNi20Pdx Quasicrystals김재용
2011-07Biogenic materialization using pear extract intended for the synthesis and design of ordered gold nanostructures김재용
2017-01Chromogenic Tubular Polydiacetylenes from Topochemical Polymerization of Self-Assembled Macrocyclic Diacetylenes김재용
2012-07Conductivities and curing properties of electron-beam-irradiated anisotropic conductive films김재용
2013-10Contact resistance properties of electron-beam-cured anisotropic conductive films김재용
2017-09Desorption dynamics of deuterium in CuCrZr alloy김재용
2013-12Effect of mechanical milling on electrochemical properties of Ti45Zr38xNi17+x (x=0, 8) quasicrystals produced by rapid-quenching김재용
2012-11Effects of hydrogen on the magnetic properties of TiZrNi quasicrystals김재용
2011-09Electrochemical properties of Ti45Zr38-xNi17+x (0 <= x <= 8) quasicrystals produced by rapid-quenching김재용
2013-11Electron beam curing of acrylated epoxy resins for anisotropic conductive film application김재용
2013-09Formation of ZnO Nanostructures Grown on Si and SiO2 Substrates김재용
2014-08High Purity and Yield of Boron Nitride Nanotubes Using Amorphous Boron and a Nozzle-Type Reactor김재용
2014-12Hydrogen Absorption and Structural Analysis of TiZrNiV Quasicrystals김재용
2016-05Hydrogen-isotope transport in an ELBRODUR G CuCrZr alloy for nuclear applications in heat sinks김재용
2015-02Impurity reduction in a plasma by using the deuterium and helium glow discharge method김재용
2012-07Influence of Ti doping level on hydrogen adsorption of mesoporous Ti-SBA-15 materials prepared by direct synthesis김재용
2011-09Initial phase wall conditioning in KSTAR김재용
2012-07Investigation of the effects of high-energy proton-beam irradiation on metal-oxide surfaces by using methane adsorption isotherms김재용
2012-07Magnetic Properties of Hydrogen-Included TiZrNiPd Quasicrystals김재용
2013-09Optical Properties and Field Emission of ZnO Nanorods Grown on p-Type Porous Si김재용
2018-07Perovskite Nanoparticle Composite Films by Size Exclusion Lithography김재용
2016-12Photoinduced reversible phase transition of azobenzene-containing polydiacetylene crystals김재용
2016-02Physical and Optical Properties of SnO2/ZnO Film Prepared by an RF Magnetron Sputtering Method김재용
2017-02Physical properties of Zinc-Tin-Oxide Thin films Deposited on Sapphire Substrates by an Rf-Magnetron Sputtering Method김재용
2017-09Polymerizable Supramolecular Approach to Highly Conductive PEDOT:PSS Patterns김재용
2011-07Pressure-composition-temperature curves and structure stability induced by hydrogen in TiZrNi quasicrystals김재용
2011-08Reversibility of Electrowetting on Hydrophobic Surfaces and Dielectrics Under Continuous Applied DC Voltage김재용
2016-10Structure and Electrical Conductivity of Ag-Doped TiZrNi Quasicrystals김재용