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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-05Blue Emission of alpha-GaN Colloidal Quantum Dots via Zn Doping김재균
2017-05Brain-Inspired Photonic Neuromorphic Devices using Photodynamic Amorphous Oxide Semiconductors and their Persistent Photoconductivity김재균
2017-08High electron mobility of beta-HgS colloidal quantum dots with doubly occupied quantum states김재균
2018-04High-performance and scalable metal-chalcogenide semiconductors and devices via chalco-gel routes김재균
2018-05High-performance organic circuits based on precisely aligned single-crystal arrays김재균
2019-10Highly Flexible and Stable Solid-State Supercapacitors Based on a Homogeneous Thin Ion Gel Polymer Electrolyte Using a Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Stamp김재균
2018-04Highly Secure Plasmonic Encryption Keys Combined with Upconversion Luminescence Nanocrystals김재균
2018-07Investigation of Forward Tunneling Characteristics of InGaN/GaN Blue Light-Emitting Diodes on Freestanding GaN Detached from a Si Substrate김재균
2018-06Manipulation and Investigation of Uniformly-Spaced Nanowire Array on a Substrate via Dielectrophoresis and Electrostatic Interaction김재균
2017-11Meniscus-Controlled Water-Based Assembly of Sphere Particles for Chemical Vapor Detection김재균
2016-03Monolithic Integration and Design of Solution-Processed Metal-Oxide Circuitry in Organic Photosensor Arrays김재균
2019-02Nano Pt-decorated transparent solution-processed oxide semiconductor sensor with ppm detection capability김재균
2017-01Photochemical Molecular Tailoring for Efficient Diffusion and Reorganization of Organic Nanocrystals for Ultra-Flexible Organic Semiconductor Arrays김재균
2017-10Precise Placement of Metallic Nanowires on a Substrate by Localized Electric Fields and Inter-Nanowire Electrostatic Interaction김재균
2019-10Rapid large-grain (˃ 100 mu m) formation of organic-inorganic perovskite thin films via shear deposition for photovoltaic application김재균
2019-01Significant improvement of reverse leakage current characteristics of Si-based homoepitaxial InGaN/GaN blue light emitting diodes김재균
2017-07Static and Dynamic Water Motion-Induced Instability in Oxide Thin-Film Transistors and Its Suppression by Using Low-k Fluoropolymer Passivation김재균
2016-03Ultrahigh Detective Heterogeneous Photosensor Arrays with In-Pixel Signal Boosting Capability for Large-Area and Skin-Compatible Electronics김재균
2017-02Ultrasensitive Room-Temperature Operable Gas Sensors Using p-Type Na:ZnO Nanoflowers for Diabetes Detection김재균
2016-04Water-Mediated Photochemical Treatments for Low-Temperature Passivation of Metal-Oxide Thin-Film Transistors김재균
2019-02전단코팅 공정으로 제조하는 금속-할라이드계 페로브스카이트의 박막성장에 미치는 공정변수의 영향 고찰김재균