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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-07The analysis of efficiency of suction drain method by step vacuum pressure김수삼
2008-07Assessment of Field Applicability for Suction Drain Method김수삼
2008-06Behavior analysis of reinforced soil retaining wall under cyclic loading김수삼
2007-09Behavior of Composite Ground Reinforced by Sand Compaction Piles김수삼
2007-07The Characteristic of Consolidation by Suction Drain Method and Influence of Hardening Zone김수삼
2005-06Characteristics of strength in clayey soils by Electro Grouting김수삼
2008-07Comparison And Strength Characteristics of Cements For Cement-Stabilization For Dredged Surface Soil김수삼
2007-08Desorption characteristics of kaolin clay contaminated with zinc from electrokinetic soil processing김수삼
2007-06Drained Triaxial Behaviour of SCP-reinforced Composite Ground with Low Area Replacement Ratio김수삼
2006-06Effect of soil chemical properties on the remediation of phenanthrene-contaminated soil by electrokinetic-Fenton process김수삼
2006-10EK-Grouting 공법이 적용된 연약지반의 장기 전단강도 평가김수삼
2006-10EK-Grouting 기법을 이용한 연약지반 개량에 관한 연구김수삼
2008-06Electrokinetic settling and sedimentation behavior of cohesive soils in dilute suspension김수삼
2006-05Estimation of Stress Concentration Characteristics in Composite Ground Reinforced by Sand Compaction Piles with Low Replacement Ratio김수삼
2006-05Evaluation of the Environmentally Friendly Drains for Soft Ground Improvements김수삼
2007-07The Field Experimental Study on Improvement of Soft Marine Clay by EK-Cementation Technique김수삼
2006-05Finite Element Analysis of the Difference in Displacement Behavior Developed from a Suction Drain Method and a Vertical Drain Method김수삼
2005-06Long term test of geotechnical properties for a natural fiber drain김수삼
2006-05Properties of a Rapid-Setting Controlled Low-Strength Marine Clay김수삼
2007-12Role of stabilizers for treatment of clayey soil contaminated with phenanthrene through electrokinetic-Fenton process - Some experimental evidences김수삼
2006-05A Study on Improvement of Marine Clay through the Electrolytic Leaching Effect in an Electrode김수삼
2006-10Suction Drain 공법의 압밀특성과 Hardening Zone의 영향김수삼
2007-10suction drain 공법의 해석을 위한 유한요소해석 프로그램의 개발김수삼
2006-05Suction 연직배수 공법과 PDB 공법의 변위거동 차이에 대한 유한 요소 해석김수삼
2005-06Triaxial(CD) behavior of SCP composite ground with low area replacement ratio김수삼
2005-03간극수의 pH가 점성토의 강도와 압밀특성에 미치는 영향김수삼
2006-03강우침투를 고려한 철도 연변사면의 안정성 해석김수삼
2008-11고로슬래그 시멘트를 이용한 유동화 처리토의 배합특성김수삼
2007-10급결성 유동화 처리토의 최적 고화재 선정에 대한 실험적 연구김수삼
2006-05급결성 유동화처리토의 특성에 관한 실험적 연구김수삼