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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-04Antibiotic Resistance Analysis를 통한 안산천의 비점오염원 Source Tracking김문일
2007-05Bacillus sp. 를 이용한 RBC-BAF 공정에서 호기/혐기조건이 backwashing sludge의 포자 형성에 미치는 영향김문일
2016-10BMP와 ATA test를 이용한 음식물류 폐기물의 혐기성소화 처리 효율 평가김문일
2016-03Comparative Study on SBNR, GSBR and Anammox for Combined Treatment of Anaerobic Digester Effluent김문일
2016-07Comparison Methane Production Potential between Granular and Suspended Sludge at Varying Ammonia Concentration김문일
2005-12Comparison of commercially available Escherichia coli enumeration tests: Implications for attaining water quality standards김문일
2015-12Corrosion risk of steel fibre in concrete김문일
2016-01Effect of ammonia on anaerobic degradation of amino acids김문일
2016-04Effects of aeration on/off times and hydraulic retention times in an intermittently aerated membrane bioreactor김문일
2008-06The effects on operation conditions of sludge retention time and carbon/nitrogen ratio in an intermittently aerated membrane bioreactor(IAMBR)김문일
2008-10Estimation of nitrogen removal bacteria diversity in a full-scale pseudo-and pilot-scale biobead BNR process for treating sewage김문일
2017-01Experimentation and mathematical models for partial nitrification in aerobic granular sludge process김문일
2008-10Fixed-biofim characteristics in a BNR process packed with ceramic media treated low COD/NH4+–N ratio김문일
2018-11An innovative U-shaped sludge bed anammox process for nitrogen removal김문일
2017-02Modified anaerobic digestion elutriated phased treatment for the anaerobic co-digestion of sewage sludge and food wastewater김문일
2015-11Modified multiple antibiotic resistance analysis for the nonpoint source tracking of fecal pollution김문일
2016-04Partial nitrification process by seeding aerobic and anaerobic granular sludge김문일
2018-12Performance and Bacterial Communities for Bio-drying with Thermophili Bacteria of Sewage Sludge김문일
2015-09Porosity generation arising from steel fibre in concrete김문일
2006-12RBC와 호기성 생물여과공정을 이용한 식품폐수처리김문일
2007-04Relationship between Solid Retention Time and Phosphorus Removal in Anaerobic-Intermittent Aeration Process김문일
2017-11Removal of organic matter and nutrients from food waste using a combined two-phase anaerobic digester and granular sequencing batch reactor system김문일
2017-10A simplified stoichiometric kinetic model for estimating the concentration of reaction products in anaerobic digestion김문일
2017-11Use of Nonsteady-state Biofilm Model to characterize heterotrophic and autotrophic biomass within aerobic granules김문일
2018-03간소화 QUAL2K GUI를 이용한 신길천 수질 모델링김문일
2007-09간헐포기-MBR 공정에서의 운영인자에 따른 오염물 제거효율 및 Track Study김문일
2008-02고농도 입자성 유기폐수의 고효율 혐기성 소화공정김문일
2018-03고농도 질소제거를 위한 연속식 슬러지층 anammox균 배양공정김문일
2005-08고온 혐기성 소화공정의 start-up seed로서의 호기성 폐 활성슬러지 이용가능성 연구김문일
2009-11국가별 용수재이용 Guidelines 비교평가와 Case study를 통한 한국가이드라인 제안김문일