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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-01Anomalies in quasi-triangulations and beta-complexes of spherical atoms in molecules김덕수
2013-07Anomaly Occurrences in Quasi-Triangulations and Beta-complexes김덕수
2014-12An armature structure for 3D shapes김덕수
2013-08A beta-complex statistical four body contact potential combined with a hydrogen bond statistical potential recognizes the correct native structure from protein decoy sets김덕수
2012-05Beta-decomposition for the volume and area of the union of three-dimensional balls and their offsets김덕수
2015-04BetaCavityWeb: a webserver for molecular voids and channels김덕수
2013-08BetaConcept: A Program for Voronoi diagrams, Quasi-tringulation, and Beta-complexes in R2김덕수
2011-08BetaDock: Shape-Priority Docking Method Based on Beta-Complex김덕수
2014-02BetaMDGP: Protein Structure Determination Algorithm Based on the Beta-complex김덕수
2011-08BetaMol: a Molecular Modeling, Analysis and Visualization Software Based on the Beta-complex and the Quasi-triangulation김덕수
2012-04BetaMol: A Molecular Modeling, Analysis and Visualization Software Based on the Beta-Complex and the Quasi-Triangulation김덕수
2011-06BetaMol: Molecular Modeling, Analysis, and Visualization Software Based on the Beta-complex Derived from the Voronoi Diagram김덕수
2016-05BetaSCPWeb: side-chain prediction for protein structures using Voronoi diagrams and geometry prioritization김덕수
2012-07BetaSuperposer: superposition of protein surfaces using beta-shapes김덕수
2014-03BetaVoid: Molecular voids via beta-complexes and Voronoi diagrams김덕수
2016-08Copula-Based Approach to Synthetic Population Generation김덕수
2014-01The family-wide structure and function of human dual-specificity protein phosphatases김덕수
2013-11GalaxyDock2: Protein-Ligand Docking Using Beta-Complex and Global Optimization김덕수
2016-04Nanocrack-regulated self-humidifying membranes김덕수
2015-04Optimal Ligand Descriptor for Pocket Recognition Based on the Beta-Shape김덕수
2011-07Optimization of Side Chain Conformations via Beta-complex김덕수
2013-09Protein structure optimization by side-chain positioning via beta-complex김덕수
2012-09QTF: Quasi-triangulation file format김덕수
2012-02Querying simplexes in quasi-triangulation김덕수
2015-12A Robust Divide and Conquer Algorithm for Progressive Medial Axes of Planar Shapes김덕수
2014-03Side-chain Prediction and Computational Protein Design Problems김덕수
2018-07Support-free hollowing for 3D printing via Voronoi diagram of ellipses김덕수
2016-05Topology-Oriented Incremental Algorithm for the Robust Construction of the Voronoi Diagrams of Disks김덕수
2012-06Tunnels and Voids in Molecules via Voronoi Diagram김덕수
2013-08Tunnels and Voids in Molecules via Voronoi Diagrams and Beta-complexes김덕수