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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-05An accurate and reliable analysis of trimethylamine using thermal desorption and gas chromatography-time of flight mass spectrometry김기현
2016-04Airborne iron across major urban centers in South Korea between 1991 and 2012김기현
2014-01Ambient particulate matter (PM10) concentrations in major urban areas of Korea during 1996-2010김기현
2015-01Ambient particulate matter in a central urban area of Seoul, Korea김기현
2013-02Analysis of ammonia variation in the urban atmosphere김기현
2011-04The analysis of PM2.5 and associated elements and their indoor/outdoor pollution status in an urban area김기현
2015-09Analysis of the lipid profiles in a section of bovine brain via non-catalytic rapid methylation김기현
2013-11Analysis of water-soluble ions and their precursor gases over diurnal cycle김기현
2013-09The application of gas chromatography-time-of-flight mass spectrometry to the analysis of monomethyl mercury at sub-picogram levels김기현
2012-03Application of the wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence technique to determine soil fluorine with consideration of iron content in the matrix김기현
2011-06Assessment of reduced sulfur compounds in ambient air as malodor components in an urban area김기현
2014-01An assessment of the liquid-gas partitioning behavior of major wastewater odorants using two comparative experimental approaches: liquid sample-based vaporization vs. impinger-based dynamic headspace extraction into sorbent tubes김기현
2016-04Atmospheric mercury at an urban station in Korea across three decades김기현
2015-07Changes in NOx and O-3 concentrations over a decade at a central urban area of Seoul, Korea김기현
2012-06Characterization of Fine Particulate Matter and Associations between Particulate Chemical Constituents and Mortality in Seoul, Korea김기현
2015-04Characterization of hazardous and odorous volatiles emitted from scented candles before lighting and when lit김기현
2011-02Characterization of major offensive odorants released from lake sediment김기현
2016-03Characterization of quality assurance properties of biogenic volatile organic compounds with an emphasis on the breakthrough behavior, recovery, and temporal stability김기현
2015-06A comparative review between amines and ammonia as sorptive media for post-combustion CO2 capture김기현
2015-01Comparison of arsenic uptake ability of barnyard grass and rice species for arsenic phytoremediation김기현
2011-11Comparison of GC-MS Calibration Properties of Volatile Organic Compounds and Relative Quantification Without Calibration Standards김기현
2014-03Comparison of ozone pollution levels at various sites in Seoul, a megacity in Northeast Asia김기현
2012-01Comparison of storage stability of odorous VOCs in polyester aluminum and polyvinyl fluoride Tedlar (R) bags김기현
2014-06Composition of key offensive odorants released from fresh food materials김기현
2013-08Comprehensive monitoring of drinking well water quality in Seoul metropolitan city, Korea김기현
2013-10Conditions for the optimal analysis of volatile organic compounds in air with sorbent tube sampling and liquid standard calibration: demonstration of solvent effect김기현
2011-06Consideration on the broad quantification range of gaseous reduced sulfur compounds with the combined application of gas chromatography and thermal desorber김기현
2012-12Contrasting recovery patterns of 2, 4-dinitrophenylhydrazones (DNPH) derivative of carbonyls between liquid and gas phase standards using HPLC-based analysis김기현
2012-02The controlling effect of temperature in the application of permeation tube devices in standard gas generation김기현
2015-06Coordination polymers: Opportunities and challenges for monitoring volatile organic compounds김기현