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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-06A 1.92-Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor With Column-Parallel Low-Power and Area-Efficient SA-ADCs권오경
2015-08A 10-bit Two-Stage DAC with an Area-Efficient Decoder for Flat Panel Display Source Driver ICs권오경
2011-0714-bit two-step successive approximation ADC with calibration circuit for high-resolution CMOS imagers권오경
2012-0314.3-bit extended counting ADC with built-in binning function for medical X-ray CMOS imagers권오경
2014-04A 2D-3D Switchable Driving Method for Reducing Power Consumption of Thin-Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display TV With Film-Type Patterned Retarder권오경
2014-095 Gbit/s 2-tap low-swing voltage-mode transmitter with least segmented voltage-mode equalisation권오경
2010-12A 3.2Gbps single-ended receiver using self-reference generation technique for DRAM interface권오경
2010-12A low-power 12-bit 2nd-order Σ-Δ analog-to-digital converter for CMOS image sensors권오경
2015-08An AMOLED Pixel Structure Using Poly-Si TFTs for Compensating Threshold Voltage and Mobility Variations권오경
2016-09An Area-Efficient and Low-Power 12-b SAR/Single-Slope ADC Without Calibration Method for CMOS Image Sensors권오경
2016-08An Area-Efficient High-Resolution Resistor-String DAC with Reverse Ordering Scheme for Active Matrix Flat-Panel Display Data Driver ICs권오경
2014-12Area-efficient high-voltage switch using floating control circuit for 3D ultrasound imaging systems권오경
2012-08Bone-induced streak artifact suppression in sparse-view CT image reconstruction권오경
2011-07Clock- and Data-Recovery Circuit With Independently Controlled Eye-Tracking Loop for High-Speed Graphic DRAMs권오경
2014-10CMOS Flat-Panel X-ray Detector With Dual-Gain Active Pixel Sensors and Column-Parallel Readout Circuits권오경
2013-03CMOS X-Ray Detector With Column-Parallel 14.3-bit Extended-Counting ADCs권오경
2013-04A color local dimming algorithm for liquid crystals displays using color light emitting diode backlight systems권오경
2012-05A ΔΣ-cyclic Hybrid ADC for Parallel Readout Sensor Applications권오경
2012-12Digital Driving Method for Low Frame Frequency and 256 Gray Scales in Liquid Crystal on Silicon Panels권오경
2011-03Driving Method for Compensating Reliability Problem of Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Thin Film Transistors and Image Sticking Phenomenon in Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode Displays권오경
2014-07Dual-resolution image reconstruction for region-of-interest CT scan권오경
2013-10An EMG Readout Front-End with Automatic Gain Controller for Human-Computer Interface권오경
2015-11A Fast Multiple Sampling Method for Low-Noise CMOS Image Sensors With Column-Parallel 12-bit SAR ADCs권오경
2013-05High Resolution AMOLED Pixel Using Negative Feedback Structure for Improving Image Quality권오경
2015-02High-speed two-step single-slope ADC using multi-sampling with partial conversion권오경
2015-03A High-Speed Wafer-Scale CMOS X-Ray Detector With Column-Parallel ADCs Using Oversampling Binning Method권오경
2012-06Highly power-efficient and reliable light-emitting diode backlight driver IC for the uniform current driving of medium-sized liquid crystal displays권오경
2012-05A Highly Power-Efficient LED Backlight Driving System for LCD TVs권오경
2014-10Hybrid driving method for outdoor public information displays권오경
2016-07In-cell Capacitive Touch Panel Structures and Their Readout Circuits권오경