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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-12Acoustic study of the perceptual significance of F2 transition of [w] in English and Korean강현숙
2016-12Boundary and pitch effects on the perception of Korean alveolar nasal강현숙
2007-09Closure duration and pitch as phonetic cues to Korean stop identity in AP medial position: Production test강현숙
2007-12Closure duration and pitch as phonetic cues to Korean stop identity in AP-medial position: Perception test강현숙
2006-12English Loanwords and the Word-Final [t] Problem in Korean강현숙
2018-03English Stop Production before a Nasal in Korean L2 Learners강현숙
2018-12L1 Interference in Koreans' Perception of Released Word-final Stops in English강현숙
2016-09Perceptual deletion of onset /n/ in Korean강현숙
2005-12Post-lexical Tensing Rule in Korean강현숙
2005-12Processing English [s] into Korean alveolar fricatives in word-initial position강현숙
2008-03The Role of H Tone of an AP in Korean: The Relation Between Prosody and Morphology강현숙
2005-12Tense/lax distinctions of English [s] in intervocalic position by Korean speakers: consonant/vowel ratio as a possible universal cue for consonant distinctions강현숙
2019-02한국어 초성 비음의 인식 자질강현숙