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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-06The cross-sectional relationship between dietary calcium intake and metabolic syndrome among men and women aged 40 or older in rural areas of Korea최보율
2016-02The cross-sectional relationships of dietary and serum vitamin D with cardiometabolic risk factors: Metabolic components, subclinical atherosclerosis, and arterial stiffness최보율
2015-11Decrease of 5hmC in gastric cancers is associated with TET1 silencing due to with DNA methylation and bivalent histone marks at TET1 CpG island 3 '-shore최보율
2015-03Dietary patterns and cognitive function in Korean older adults최보율
2014-05Dietary patterns and cognitive function in Korean older adults최보율
2015-05Dietary Patterns Derived by Cluster Analysis are Associated with Cognitive Function among Korean Older Adults최보율
2013-04Dietary patterns of Korean older adults and cognitive function최보율
2017-10Dietary total, animal, vegetable calcium and type 2 diabetes incidence among Korean adults: The Korean Multi-Rural Communities Cohort (MRCohort)최보율
2014-12Early adulthood: an overlooked age group in national sodium reduction initiatives in South Korea최보율
2016-09Educating restaurant owners and cooks to lower their own sodium intake is a potential strategy for reducing the sodium contents of restaurant foods: a small-scale pilot study in South Korea최보율
2015-03The effect of coffee, tea, and caffeine consumption on serum uric acid and the risk of hyperuricemia in Korean Multi-Rural Communities Cohort최보율
2018-08Effect of Uric Acid on the Development of Chronic Kidney Disease: The Korean Multi-Rural Communities Cohort Study최보율
2014-12The effect of vitamin C intake on the risk of hyperuricemia and serum uric acid level in Korean Multi-Rural Communities Cohort최보율
2014-08Elevated Brachial-Ankle Pulse Wave Velocity Is Independently Associated with Microalbuminuria in a Rural Population최보율
2013-08Epidemiologic factors associated with errors in blood pressure measurements obtained with an automated device compared with a mercury sphygmomanometer최보율
2015-09Epidemiologic features of the first MERS outbreak in Korea: focus on Pyeongtaek St. Mary’s Hospital최보율
2011-06Estimation of Nationwide Vaccination Coverage and Comparison of Interview and Telephone Survey Methodology for Estimating Vaccination Status최보율
2013-03Evaluation and sensitivity analysis of the effectiveness of unadjuvanted A(H1N1)pdm09 vaccine in hospital workers using multi-center cohort study in Korea최보율
2016-08Evaluation report on the causal association between humidifier disinfectants and lung injury최보율
2018-03GAREM1 regulates the PR interval on electrocardiograms최보율
2014-07Gene polymorphisms in the ornithine decarboxylase–polyamine pathway modify gastric cancer risk by interaction with isoflavone concentrations최보율
2015-07Genome-Wide Association Meta-analysis Identifies Novel Variants Associated With Fasting Plasma Glucose in East Asians최보율
2016-01Genome-wide association studies in East Asians identify new loci for waist-hip ratio and waist circumference최보율
2016-04Habitual dietary intake of beta-carotene, vitamin C, folate, or vitamin E may interact with single nucleotide polymorphisms on brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity in healthy adults최보율
2013-04Harmful Relationship between Alcohol Consumption and Brachial Ankle Pulse Wave Velocity : No Favorable Zone for Vascular Damages최보율
2019-01Health indicators related to disease, death, and reproduction최보율
2018-06High reproduction number of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus in nosocomial outbreaks: mathematical modelling in Saudi Arabia and South Korea최보율
2019-06High sodium intake and sodium to potassium ratio may be linked to subsequent increase in vascular damage in adults aged 40years and older: the Korean multi-rural communities cohort (MRCohort)최보율
2014-04Higher consumption of sugar-sweetened soft drinks increases the risk of hyperuricemia in Korean population: The Korean Multi-Rural Communities Cohort Study최보율