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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-10Effect of Detergents on Galactoside Binding by Melibiose Permeases채필석
2017-03Electronically tuned sulfonamide-based probes with ultra-sensitivity for Ga3+ or Al3+ detection in aqueous solution채필석
2018-07An Engineered Lithocholate-Based Facial Amphiphile Stabilizes Membrane Proteins: Assessing the Impact of Detergent Customizability on Protein Stability채필석
2015-06Fabrication and stabilization of nanoscale emulsions by formation of a thin polymer membrane at the oil-water interface채필석
2014-11Fabrication of monodisperse liposomes-in-microgel hybrid microparticles in capillary-based microfluidic devices채필석
2019-02Fluorescence tunable thiophene-bis(benzimidazole)-based probes for a cascade trace detection of Hg2+ and lysine: A molecular switch mimic채필석
2013-03Glucose-Neopentyl Glycol (GNG) amphiphiles for membrane protein study채필석
2014-06Heavy atom-bearing tripod amphiphiles for the membrane protein study채필석
2013-03Hemifluorinated Maltose-Neopentyl Glycol (HF-MNG) Amphiphiles for Membrane Protein Stabilisation채필석
2016-03Highly Branched Pentasaccharide-Bearing Amphiphiles for Membrane Protein Studies채필석
2014-01Hydrophobic variants of ganglio-tripod amphiphiles for membrane protein manipulation채필석
2014-01Hydrophobic Variations of N-Oxide Amphiphiles for Membrane Protein Manipulation: Importance of Non-hydrocarbon Groups in the Hydrophobic Portion채필석
2011-03Identification of Chromatophore Membrane Protein Complexes Formed under Different Nitrogen Availability Conditions in Rhodospirillum rubrum채필석
2011-03Identification of Chromatophore Membrane Protein Complexes Formed under Different Nitrogen Availability Conditions in Rhodospirillum rubrum채필석
2014-02Improved Glucose-Neopentyl Glycol (GNG) Amphiphiles for Membrane Protein Solubilization and Stabilization채필석
2016-12Isomeric Detergent Comparison for Membrane Protein Stability: Importance of Inter-Alkyl-Chain Distance and Alkyl Chain Length채필석
2015-05Maltose neopentyl glycol-3 (MNG-3) analogues for membrane protein study채필석
2016-12Mesitylene-Cored Glucoside Amphiphiles (MGAs) for Membrane Protein Studies: Importance of Alkyl Chain Density in Detergent Efficacy채필석
2017-03New 1,8-naphthalimide-conjugated sulfonamide probes for TNP sensing in water채필석
2014-11New ganglio-tripod amphiphiles (TPAs) for membrane protein solubilization and stabilization: implications for detergent structure-property relationships채필석
2017-10New penta-saccharide-bearing tripod amphiphiles for membrane protein structure studies채필석
2013-11Novel Tripod Amphiphiles for Membrane Protein Analysis채필석
2015-07Novel Xylene-Linked Maltoside Amphiphiles (XMAs) for Membrane Protein Stabilisation채필석
2015-08One-pot microfluidic fabrication of graphene oxide-patched hollow hydrogel microcapsules with remarkable shell impermeability채필석
2012-01Protective effects of cleavage agents on INS-1 cells against h-IAPP-induced apoptosis채필석
2017-12Pyreneamide-based dipodal probes for ultra-sensitive and selective detection of 3,5-dinitrosalicylic acid in an aqueous solution채필석
2018-10Rationally Engineered Tandem Facial Amphiphiles for Improved Membrane Protein Stabilization Efficacy채필석
2017-05Resorcinarene-Based Facial Glycosides: Implication of Detergent Flexibility on Membrane-Protein Stability채필석
2017-11A simple and dual responsive ultrasensitive thioether-functionalized pyrenesulfonamide for the cascade detection of mercury ion and dithiouracil, a mimetic system for molecular logic gates채필석
2018-07Steroid-Based Amphiphiles for Membrane Protein Study: The Importance of Alkyl Spacers for Protein Stability채필석