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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-09H2S adsorption process on (0001) alpha-quartz SiO2 surfaces전형탁
2013-08History of atomic layer deposition and its relationship with the American Vacuum Society전형탁
2017-02Improved electrical properties of atomic layer deposited tin disulfide at low temperatures using ZrO2 layer전형탁
2015-10Improvement in the Positive Bias Temperature Stability of SnOx-Based Thin Film Transistors by Hf and Zn Doping전형탁
2016-03Improvement of the thermal stability of nickel silicide using a ruthenium interlayer deposited via remote plasma atomic layer deposition전형탁
2014-09Improvement of thermal stability of nickel silicide film using NH3 plasma treatment전형탁
2013-10Influence of Different Annealing Ambients on the Properties of Zinc Sulfide Prepared by Atomic Layer Deposition전형탁
2014-10Influence of molybdenum source/drain electrode contact resistance in amorphous zinc-tin-oxide (a-ZTO) thin film transistors전형탁
2017-06Investigation of the barrier properties of copper-vanadium alloys with a sub-tantalum layer on low-k dielectrics전형탁
2013-09Investigation of the Flatband Voltage (V-FB) Shift of Al2O3 on N-2 Plasma Treated Si Substrate전형탁
2017-02Investigation of ultrathin Pt/ZrO2-Al2O3-ZrO2/TiN DRAM capacitors Schottky barrier height by internal photoemission spectroscopy전형탁
2018-07Leakage current suppression in spatially controlled Si-doped ZrO2 for capacitors using atomic layer deposition전형탁
2011-07Luminescent mechanism of Eu3+-doped epitaxial Gd2O3 films grown on a Si (111) substrate using an effusion cell전형탁
2011-07Microstructural characterization at the interface of Al2O3/ZnO/Al2O3 thin films grown by atomic layer deposition전형탁
2013-03Moisture Barrier Properties of Al2O3 Films deposited by Remote Plasma Atomic Layer Deposition at Low Temperatures전형탁
2015-09Nonlinear and complementary resistive switching behaviors of Au/Ti/TaOx/TiN devices dependent on Ti thicknesses전형탁
2014-04Permeation barrier properties of an Al2O3/ZrO2 multilayer deposited by remote plasma atomic layer deposition전형탁
2012-12Photocurrent detection of chemically tuned hierarchical ZnO nanostructures grown on seed layers formed by atomic layer deposition전형탁
2014-11Plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition (PEALD) of cobalt thin films for copper direct electroplating전형탁
2017-09Plasmon-enhanced ZnO nanorod/Au NPs/Cu2O structure solar cells: Effects and limitations전형탁
2018-07Postdeposition annealing on VO2 films for resistive random-access memory selection devices전형탁
2011-12Properties of Blue Polymer Light Emitting Diodes According to the Doping Concentrations of FIrpic Phosphorescence전형탁
2012-12Properties of Flexible Phosphorescence Polymer Light Emitting Diodes Coated on Polyethylenenaphthalate Plastic Substrates전형탁
2012-12The properties of Ru films deposited by remote plasma atomic layer deposition on Ar plasma-treated SiO2전형탁
2013-11Radio frequency plasma power dependence of the moisture permeation barrier characteristics of Al2O3 films deposited by remote plasma atomic layer deposition전형탁
2013-03Reduction of RuO2 Film to Metallic Ru Film Using Atomic Layer Deposition under Different Oxygen Partial Pressure전형탁
2018-05Remote plasma atomic layer deposition of silicon nitride with bis(dimethylaminomethyl-silyl)trimethylsilyl amine and N-2 plasma for gate spacer전형탁
2015-09Resistive switching behaviors of Cu/TaOx/TiN device with combined oxygen vacancy/copper conductive filaments전형탁
2017-02Resistive switching behaviors of Ti nano-layer embedded TaOx-based devices전형탁
2014-04Resistive switching of a TaOx/TaON double layer via ionic control of carrier tunneling전형탁