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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-11Long-term production of bioethanol in repeated-batch fermentation of microalgal biomass using immobilized Saccharomyces cerevisiae전병훈
2019-05Low pH treatment of starch industry effluent with bacteria from leaf debris for methane production전병훈
2018-01Low temperature steam reforming of methane using metal oxide promoted Ni-Ce0.8Zr0.2O2 catalysts in a compact reformer전병훈
2015-08Magnetic chitosan composite for adsorption of cationic and anionic dyes in aqueous solution전병훈
2018-03A magnetic nanocomposite produced from camel bones for an efficient adsorption of toxic metals from water전병훈
2018-05A magnetically separable and recyclable Ag-supported magnetic TiO2 composite catalyst: Fabrication, characterization, and photocatalytic activity전병훈
2012-11Manipulating nutrient composition of microalgal growth media to improve biomass yield and lipid content of Micractinium pusillum전병훈
2016-08Maximum power point tracking to increase the power production and treatment efficiency of a continuously operated flat-plate microbial fuel cell전병훈
2016-11Maximum Power Point Tracking to Increase the Power Production and Treatment Efficiency of a Continuously Operated Flat-Plate Microbial Fuel Cell전병훈
2016-03Metabolic flux change in Klebsiella pneumoniae L17 by anaerobic respiration in microbial fuel cell전병훈
2019-02Metabolic shift of Klebsiella pneumoniae L17 by electrode-based electron transfer using glycerol in a microbial fuel cell전병훈
2019-02Metal–Organic Frameworks (MOFs) for the removal of emerging contaminants from aquatic environments전병훈
2013-01Microalgal species growing on piggery wastewater as a valuable candidate for nutrient removal and biodiesel production전병훈
2019-02Microbial acclimatization to lipidic-waste facilitates the efficacy of acidogenic fermentation전병훈
2016-10Mixotrophic cultivation of Nephroselmis sp using industrial wastewater for enhanced microalgal biomass production전병훈
2017-01Monitoring the gradual biodegradation of dyes in a simulated textile effluent and development of a novel triple layered fixed bed reactor using a bacterium-yeast consortium전병훈
2013-09Municipal wastewater utilization for biomass and biodiesel production by Scenedesmus obliquus HM103382 and Micractinium reisseri JN169781전병훈
2017-08A new approach for concurrently improving performance of South Korean food waste valorization and renewable energy recovery via dry anaerobic digestion under mesophilic and thermophilic conditions전병훈
2012-01Nitrate and ammonium ions removal from groundwater by a hybrid system of zero-valent iron combined with adsorbents전병훈
2014-01Nitrate Reduction by Fe(0)/iron Oxide Mineral Systems: A Comparative Study using Different Iron Oxides전병훈
2012-07A novel chitosan/clay/magnetite composite for adsorption of Cu(II) and As(V)전병훈
2019-03Occurrence and characterization of paraffin wax formed in developing wells and pipelines전병훈
2015-10Odor characterization from barns and slurry treatment facilities at a commercial swine facility in South Korea전병훈
2017-07Optimization of Cobalt Loading in Co-CeO2 Catalyst for the High Temperature Water-Gas Shift Reaction전병훈
2018-04Optimization of dilute acetic acid pretreatment of mixed fruit waste for increased methane production전병훈
2013-09Ourococcus multisporus YSW008을 이용한 폐수고도처리 및 바이오에너지 생산 가능성 평가전병훈
2011-03Ozone/membrane hybrid process for arsenic removal in iron-containing water전병훈
2015-12Perchlorate reduction from a highly concentrated aqueous solution by bacterium Rhodococcus sp YSPW03전병훈
2019-04Perspective on anaerobic digestion for biomethanation in cold environments전병훈
2014-02Photoautotrophic hydrogen production by eukaryotic microalgae under aerobic conditions전병훈