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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-01Abiotic subsurface behaviors of As(V) with Fe(II)전병훈
2019-01Acetoclastic methanogenesis led by Methanosarcina in anaerobic co-digestion of fats, oil and grease for enhanced production of methane전병훈
2019-01Adsorption and photodegradation efficiency of TiO2/Fe2O3/PAC and TiO2/Fe2O3/zeolite nanophotocatalysts for the removal of cyanide전병훈
2016-10Adsorption of As(III), As(V) and Cu(II) on zirconium oxide immobilized alginate beads in aqueous phase전병훈
2014-03Adsorption of Cobalt onto Graphite Nanocarbon-Impregnated Alginate Beads: Equilibrium, Kinetics, and Thermodynamics Studies전병훈
2011-09Adsorption of nitrate and Cr(VI) by cationic polymer-modified granular activated carbon전병훈
2013-08Adsorption of Pb (II) and Ni (II) from aqueous solution by nanosized graphite carbon-impregnated calcium alginate bead전병훈
2011-05Adsorption Studies for the Removal of Methyl tert-Butyl Ether on Various Commercially Available GACs from an Aqueous Medium전병훈
2011-07Adsorption Studies for the Removal of Nitrate Using Modified Lignite Granular Activated Carbon전병훈
2019-05Algae as a green technology for heavy metals removal from various wastewater전병훈
2011-12Applicability of topmodel in the catchments of Nopal: Bagmati river basin전병훈
2015-06Application of acid mine drainage for coagulation/flocculation of microalgal biomass전병훈
2019-04Assessment of benzene, toluene, ethyl-benzene, and xylene (BTEX) toxicity in soil using sulfur-oxidizing bacterial (SOB) bioassay전병훈
2015-02Bacterial-yeast consortium as an effective biocatalyst for biodegradation of sulphonated azo dye Reactive Red 198전병훈
2016-05Bio-Diesel Production from Deoxygenation Reaction Over Ce0.6Zr0.4O2 Supported Transition Metal (Ni, Cu, Co, and Mo) Catalysts전병훈
2016-04Biodegradation and detoxification of textile dye Disperse Red 54 by Brevibacillus laterosporus and determination of its metabolic fate전병훈
2014-12Biodegradation of bisphenol A by the freshwater microalgae Chlamydomonas mexicana and Chlorella vulgaris전병훈
2016-04Biodegradation of carbamazepine using freshwater microalgae Chlamydomonas mexicana and Scenedesmus obliquus and the determination of its metabolic fate전병훈
2016-10Biologically activated graphite fiber electrode for autotrophic acetate production from CO2 in a bioelectrochemical system전병훈
2013-02Biomass, lipid content, and fatty acid composition of freshwater Chlamydomonas mexicana and Scenedesmus obliquus grown under salt stress전병훈
2011-05Characterization and identification of lipid-producing microalgae species isolated from a freshwater lake전병훈
2011-02Characterization of microalgal species isolated from fresh water bodies as a potential source for biodiesel production전병훈
2014-11Chlorpyrifos-induced changes in the antioxidants and fatty acid compositions of Chroococcus turgidus NTMS12전병훈
2019-05Combined effects of sulfamethazine and sulfamethoxazole on a freshwater microalga, Scenedesmus obliquus: toxicity, biodegradation, and metabolic fate전병훈
2012-02Comparison of As, Ni, Zn, Cd, and Pb removals using treatment agents전병훈
2017-01Concurrent removal of cadmium and benzene from aqueous solution by powdered activated carbon impregnated alginate beads전병훈
2016-06Cultivation and harvesting of microalgae in photobioreactor for biodiesel production and simultaneous nutrient removal전병훈
2014-06Cultivation of a new microalga, Micractinium reisseri, in municipal wastewater for nutrient removal, biomass, lipid, and fatty acid production전병훈
2013-06Cultivation of microalgae species in tertiary municipal wastewater supplemented with CO2 for nutrient removal and biomass production전병훈
2019-03Decolorization of textile industry effluent using immobilized consortium cells in upflow fixed bed reactor전병훈