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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-06Photo-patternable high-k ZrOx dielectrics prepared using zirconium acrylate for low-voltage-operating organic complementary inverters장재영
2016-03Photo-Patternable ZnO Thin Films Based on Cross-Linked Zinc Acrylate for Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Complementary Inverters장재영
2012-01Photocurable polymer gate dielectrics for cylindrical organic field-effect transistors with high bending stability장재영
2017-04Photoinduced Recovery of Organic Transistor Memories with Photoactive Floating-Gate Interlayers장재영
2011-01Photopatternable Poly(4-styrene sulfonic acid)-Wrapped MWNT Thin-Film Source/Drain Electrodes for Use in Organic Field-Effect Transistors장재영
2011-01Poly(3-hexylthiophene) wrapped carbon nanotube/poly(dimethylsiloxane) composites for use in finger-sensing piezoresistive pressure sensors장재영
2015-06Reduced Water Vapor Transmission Rate of Graphene Gas Barrier Films for Flexible Organic Field-Effect Transistors장재영
2017-08Reduced water vapor transmission rates of low-temperature solution-processed metal oxide barrier films via ultraviolet annealing장재영
2016-09Reduced water vapor transmission rates of low-temperature-processed and sol-gel-derived titanium oxide thin films on flexible substrates장재영
2017-07The role of oxygen in dramatically enhancing the electrical properties of solution-processed Zn-Sn-O thin-film transistors장재영
2013-11Self-organizing properties of triethylsilylethynyl-anthradithiophene on monolayer graphene electrodes in solution-processed transistors장재영
2016-12Solution-processed indium-free ZnO/SnO2 bilayer heterostructures as a low-temperature route to high-performance metal oxide thin-film transistors with excellent stabilities장재영
2015-03Solution-processed n-type fullerene field-effect transistors prepared using CVD-grown graphene electrodes: improving performance with thermal annealing장재영
2015-10Solution-Processed Transistors Using Colloidal Nanocrystals with Composition-Matched Molecular "Solders": Approaching Single Crystal Mobility장재영
2016-06Solution-Processed, Ultrathin Solar Cells from CdCl3--Capped CdTe Nanocrystals: The Multiple Roles of CdCl3- Ligands장재영
2011-01Solvent-free solution processed passivation layer for improved long-term stability of organic field-effect transistors장재영
2016-11Spin Self-Assembled Clay Nanocomposite Passivation Layers Made from a Photocrosslinkable Poly(vinyl alcohol) and Na+-Montmorillonite Enhance the Environmental Stability of Organic Thin-Film Transistors장재영
2018-08Surface Modification of CdSe Quantum-Dot Floating Gates for Advancing Light-Erasable Organic Field-Effect Transistor Memories장재영
2012-12Synthesis and characterization of a fluorinated oligosiloxane-containing encapsulation material for organic field-effect transistors, prepared via a non-hydrolytic sol-gel process장재영
2014-06Synthesis and Search for Design Principles of New Electron Accepting Polymers for All-Polymer Solar Cells장재영
2013-10Synthesis and Transistor Properties of Asymmetric Oligothiophenes: Relationship between Molecular Structure and Device Performance장재영
2018-01Systematic optimization of MWCNT-PEDOT:PSS composite electrodes for organic transistors and dye-sensitized solar cells: Effects of MWCNT diameter and purity장재영
2014-02Temperature-Dependent Hall and Field-Effect Mobility in Strongly Coupled All-Inorganic Nanocrystal Arrays장재영
2012-06Thermally Evaporated SiO Thin Films As a Versatile Interlayer for Plasma-Based OLED Passivation장재영
2013-09Thin Film Morphology Control via a Mixed Solvent System for High-Performance Organic Thin Film Transistors장재영
2017-04Tuning the Work Function of Printed Polymer Electrodes by Introducing a Fluorinated Polymer To Enhance the Operational Stability in Bottom-Contact Organic Field-Effect Transistors장재영
2018-12Urushiol Gate Dielectrics for Low-Voltage and Hysteresis-Free Organic Thin Film Transistors: Hidden Potential of Natural Polymers장재영
2012-12Vacuum thermally evaporated polymeric zinc acrylate as an organic interlayer of organic/inorganic multilayer passivation for flexible organic thin-film transistors장재영
2015-08어머니 양육스트레스가 후속출산계획에 미치는 영향장재영