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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-07Fabrication of high-performance composite electrodes composed of multiwalled carbon nanotubes and glycerol-doped poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):polystyrene sulfonate for use in organic devices장재영
2013-09Facile method for the environmentally friendly fabrication of reduced graphene oxide films assisted by a metal substrate and saline solution장재영
2014-11Grafting Fluorinated Polymer Nano layer for Advancing the Electrical Stability of Organic Field-Effect Transistors장재영
2019-01Graphene Oxide/Polystyrene Bilayer Gate Dielectrics for Low-Voltage Organic Field-Effect Transistors장재영
2011-09High T-g cyclic olefin copolymer/Al2O3 bilayer gate dielectrics for flexible organic complementary circuits with low-voltage and air-stable operation장재영
2012-01High-Performance Low-Voltage Organic Field-Effect Transistors Prepared on Electro-Polished Aluminum Wires장재영
2014-05High-Performance Organic Complementary Inverters Using Monolayer Graphene Electrodes장재영
2013-03High-Performance Triethylsilylethynyl Anthradithiophene Transistors Prepared without Solvent Vapor Annealing: The Effects of Self-Assembly during Dip-Coating장재영
2012-03Highly Crystalline Soluble Acene Crystal Arrays for Organic Transistors: Mechanism of Crystal Growth During Dip-Coating장재영
2017-11Highly-impermeable Al2O3/HfO2 moisture barrier films grown by lowtemperature plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition장재영
2018-01Imidazolium Iodide-Doped PEDOT Nanofibers as Conductive Catalysts for Highly Efficient Solid-State Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Employing Polymer Electrolyte장재영
2019-03Lewis acidic water as a new carrier for facilitating CO2 transport장재영
2016-06Light-responsive spiropyran based polymer thin films for use in organic field-effect transistor memories장재영
2019-02Multi-walled carbon nanotube forests covered with atomic-layer-deposited ruthenium layers for high-performance counter electrodes of dye-sensitized solar cells장재영
2011-01Multiwall Carbon Nanotube and Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene): Polystyrene Sulfonate (PEDOT:PSS) Composite Films for Transistor and Inverter Devices장재영
2017-03New Forms of CdSe: Molecular Wires, Gels, and Ordered Mesoporous Assemblies장재영
2018-12Novel naphthalene-diimide-based small molecule with a bithiophene linker for use in organic field-effect transistors장재영
2016-01Optimization of Al2O3/TiO2 nanolaminate thin films prepared with different oxide ratios, for use in organic light-emitting diode encapsulation, via plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition장재영
2014-08Organic Light-Emitting Diodes with Low Turn-On Voltages and Improved Stability Featuring a PTCDI-C13:CuPc Mixed Hole Injection Layer장재영
2014-11The Origin of Excellent Gate-Bias Stress Stability in Organic Field-Effect Transistors Employing Fluorinated-Polymer Gate Dielectrics장재영
2016-06Photo-patternable high-k ZrOx dielectrics prepared using zirconium acrylate for low-voltage-operating organic complementary inverters장재영
2016-03Photo-Patternable ZnO Thin Films Based on Cross-Linked Zinc Acrylate for Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Complementary Inverters장재영
2012-01Photocurable polymer gate dielectrics for cylindrical organic field-effect transistors with high bending stability장재영
2017-04Photoinduced Recovery of Organic Transistor Memories with Photoactive Floating-Gate Interlayers장재영
2011-01Photopatternable Poly(4-styrene sulfonic acid)-Wrapped MWNT Thin-Film Source/Drain Electrodes for Use in Organic Field-Effect Transistors장재영
2011-01Poly(3-hexylthiophene) wrapped carbon nanotube/poly(dimethylsiloxane) composites for use in finger-sensing piezoresistive pressure sensors장재영
2015-06Reduced Water Vapor Transmission Rate of Graphene Gas Barrier Films for Flexible Organic Field-Effect Transistors장재영
2017-08Reduced water vapor transmission rates of low-temperature solution-processed metal oxide barrier films via ultraviolet annealing장재영
2016-09Reduced water vapor transmission rates of low-temperature-processed and sol-gel-derived titanium oxide thin films on flexible substrates장재영
2017-07The role of oxygen in dramatically enhancing the electrical properties of solution-processed Zn-Sn-O thin-film transistors장재영