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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-07Lens aberration effect on the line width for different pattern shapes and duty ratios오혜근
2005-03Line width variation with absorber thickness in extreme ultraviolet lithography오혜근
2005-08Line-width variation with absorber thickness in extreme ultraviolet lithography오혜근
2005-10Mask Error Enhancement Factor Variation with Pattern Density오혜근
2006-02Mask error enhancement factor variation with pattern density for 65 nm and 90 nm line widths오혜근
2008-11A mask generation approach to double patterning technology with inverse lithography오혜근
2006-06Mask haze measurement by spectroscopic ellipsometry오혜근
2016-05Mask three-dimensional effects of etched multilayer mask for 16-nm half-pitch in extreme ultraviolet lithography오혜근
2016-09Mechanical stress induced by external forces in the extreme ultraviolet pellicle오혜근
2006-08Modeling for Resist Reflow of an Elongated Contact Hole오혜근
2018-05modeling of thermomechanical changes of euv mask and their dependence on absorber variation오혜근
2015-10Multistack structure for an extreme-ultraviolet pellicle with out-of-band radiation reduction오혜근
2016-03Non-isotropic shadow effect with various pattern direction in anamorphic high numerical aperture system오혜근
2005-07Numerical investigation of defect printability in extreme ultraviolet (EUV) reflector: Ru/Mo/Si multilayer system오혜근
2006-02Numerical modeling of absorber characteristics for EUVL오혜근
2006-01Optical lithography simulator for the whole resist process오혜근
2006-02Optimization of chromeless phase mask by comparing scattering bars with zebra patterns오혜근
2008-09Optimum Biasing for 45 nm Node Chromeless and Attenuated Phase Shift Mask오혜근
2008-02Optimum biasing for 45 nm node chromeless and attenuated phase shift mask오혜근
2008-02Optimum dose variation caused by post exposure bake temperature difference inside photoresist over different sublayers and thickness오혜근
2018-10Pattern Degradation with Larger Particles on EUV Pellicle오혜근
2015-04Patterning dependence on the mask defect for extreme ultraviolet lithography오혜근
2008-11Patterning of 32 nm 1:1 Line and Space by Resist Reflow Process오혜근
2007-02Photoresist adhesion effect of resist reflow process오혜근
2007-09Photoresist Adhesion Effect of Resist Reflow Process오혜근
2018-10A possible wafer heating during EUV exposure오혜근
2007-10Process Extension Techniques for Optical Lithography: Thermal Treatment, Polarization and Double Patterning오혜근
2007-04The process latitude dependency on local photomask haze defect in 70 nm binary intensity mask오혜근
2005-05Reduction in the Mask Error Factor by Optimizing the Diffraction Order of a Scattering Bar in Lithography오혜근
2005-04Reduction of the Absorber Shadow Effect by Changing the Absorber Side Wall Angle in Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography오혜근