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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-02Effective Datapath Logic Extraction Techniques Using Connection Vectors신현철
2009-07Effective Mapping and Scheduling for Multi-core Systems, by Using Iterative Zone Refinement신현철
2009-03Effective Mapping and Scheduling of Tasks for Heterogeneous MPSoC Architectures신현철
2017-09Effective regularity extraction and placement techniques for datapath-intensive circuits신현철
2018-12Efficient coarser-to-fine holistic traffic sign detection for occlusion handling신현철
2007-07Efficient Motion Estimation for H.264 Codec by Using Effective Scan Ordering신현철
2006-10Efficient Rendering Processor by Using Optimum Direction Processing신현철
2015-09Energy efficient low static-power voltage level shifter신현철
2016-07An energy efficient sub-threshold to above-threshold level shifter using a modified Wilson current mirror신현철
2008-11Enhanced Parallel Decoding for H.264/AVC CAVLC by Using Precomputation신현철
2018-06A fast and energy-efficient two-stage level shifter using the controlled Wilson currrent mirror신현철
2007-05H.264 동영상 압축에서의 가변 블록과 다중 프레임을 지원하는 효율적인 움직임 추정 방법신현철
2006-04H.264 동영상 압축을 위한 부 화소 단위에서의 고속 움직임 추정 방법신현철
2008-05H.264/AVC CAVLC를 위한 확장형 병렬 복호 회로 설계신현철
2009-11Iterative Zone Refinement 알고리즘을 이용한 파이프라인 멀티코어 시스템에서의 효과적인 태스크 스케쥴링 기법신현철
2006-10Layout Design Optimization for Manufacturability by Using 2D Compaction신현철
2007-10Logical Operation Based Parallel Decoding Scheme for H.264/AVC CAVLC신현철
2005-05Minimization of Leakage Current by Using the Genetic Algorithm신현철
2005-05Multi-Channel DVR System Design by Using Multiple Threads신현철
2018-12Multi-layer fusion techniques using a CNN for multispectral pedestrian detection신현철
2018-11New Dark Area Sensitive Tone Mapping for Deep Learning Based Traffic Sign Recognition신현철
2019-06A New Deep Learning Based Multi-Spectral Image Fusion Method신현철
2005-10A New Efficient Searching Techniques for Low Leakage Input Vectors신현철
2005-05A New Low Leakage Design Method by Efficient Searching Techniques신현철
2005-10New Model-based IP-Level Power Estimation for Digital Circuits신현철
2007-07Operation Mode Based High-Level Switching Activity Analysis for Power Estimation of Digital Circuits신현철
2015-09Real-time single image dehazing using block-to-pixel interpolation and adaptive dark channel prior신현철
2005-05Reconfigurable Architecture Design for H.264 Motion Compensation and 3D Graphics Span Processing신현철
2005-10Reconfigurable Architecture Design for H.264 Motion Estimation and 3D Graphics Rendering신현철
2016-09Road vanishing point detection using weber adaptive local filter and salient-block-wise weighted soft voting신현철