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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-07Exhaust Pressure Estimation Using a Diesel Particulate Filter Mass Flow Model in a Light-Duty Diesel Engine Operated With Dual-Loop Exhaust Gas Recirculation and Variable Geometry Turbocharger Systems선우명호
2014-05Fault Diagnosis of Exhaust Gas Recirculation and Variable Geometry Turbocharger Systems in a Passenger Car Diesel Engine Based on a Sliding Mode Observer for Air System States Estimation선우명호
2015-11Feedforward Controller Design for EGR and VGT Systems based on Air Path Model and Cylinder Pressure Information선우명호
2015-08Gain Scheduled Controller of EGR and VGT Systems with a Model-Based Gain Scheduling Strategy for Diesel Engines선우명호
2014-06Generation of a Precise Roadway Map for Autonomous Cars선우명호
2013-06GPS-Bias Correction for Precise Localization of Autonomous Vehicles선우명호
2016-03In-cylinder pressure based real-time combustion control for reduction of combustion dispersions in light-duty diesel engines선우명호
2015-08Model-based feedforward control of the VGT in a diesel engine based on empirical models of compressor and turbine efficiencies선우명호
2016-03Model-Based Gain Scheduling Strategy for an Internal Model Control-Based Boost Pressure Controller in Variable Geometric Turbocharger System of Diesel Engines선우명호
2012-02Modelling and H-infinity control of diesel engine boost pressure using a linear parameter varying technique선우명호
2016-02Modelling of the exhaust gas recirculation rate based on the in-cylinder pressure measurement for a passenger car diesel engine선우명호
2014-06Multiple exposure images based traffic light recognition선우명호
2011-11Neural network based multiple-model filter using a GPS with in-vehicle sensors for autonomous vehicle positioning선우명호
2015-12Precise Localization of an Autonomous Car Based on Probabilistic Noise Models of Road Surface Marker Features Using Multiple Cameras선우명호
2015-10Probabilistic lane detection and lane tracking for autonomous vehicles using a cascade particle filter선우명호
2013-05QFT 기법을 이용한 승용디젤엔진 공연비 제어 알고리즘 설계 연구선우명호
2013-10Real-time combustion parameter estimation algorithm for light-duty diesel engines using in-cylinder pressure measurement선우명호
2012-08Real-Time Combustion Phase Detection Using Central Normalized Difference Pressure in CRDI Diesel Engines선우명호
2015-09Real-Time Control of Maximum Heat Release Rate and Its Influence on Emission Dispersions in Diesel Engines선우명호
2015-08Real-time path planning of autonomous vehicles for unstructured road navigation선우명호
2013-12Real-Time Road-Slope Estimation Based on Integration of Onboard Sensors With GPS Using an IMMPDA Filter선우명호
2015-08Real-time start of a combustion detection algorithm using initial heat release for direct injection diesel engines선우명호
2014-07Road-model-based and graph-structure-based hierarchical path-planning approach for autonomous vehicles선우명호
2015-08Robust Indicated Mean Effective Pressure and Combustion Lambda Feedback Control for Lean NOx Trap Regeneration in a 2.2 L Common Rail Direct Injection Diesel Engine선우명호
2015-04Turning Standard Line (TSL) Based Path Planning Algorithm for Narrow Parking Lots선우명호
2013-01VGT and EGR Control of Common-Rail Diesel Engines Using an Artificial Neural Network선우명호
2011-09가솔린 엔진의 흡기밸브 리프트 변화에 따른 개별실린더 당량비 추정 및 제어 알고리즘에 관한 연구선우명호
2011-05고분자 전해질 연료전지 시스템의 효율향상을 위한 공기공급 최적화선우명호
2014-05동적특성을 고려한 디젤엔진 흡배기 시스템의 상태추정 모델선우명호